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To love divinely, one must be One with one's Soul, for it is your Soul that loves. She is the birth and the body of life. She is love and love is the movement of life.

When I say love is the movement of life, I mean that quite literally. The subconscious, which is a vessel for the Soul aka Awareness, IS the present moment and responsible for all manifestation physically. Within the subconscious is the emotional body, which inspires motion - E-Motion. When directed by thought, feeling rises within the body inspiring it to move. All emotions have as their parent, love or the absence of love.

It will feel like your very thoughts inspire your body to move and it is true, they are, however, ask yourself what is inspiring your thoughts. It could be ego and quite often is, however it is also Awareness moving as the present moment that either works by Karma or is directed by your true Self as Spirit aka Consciousness.

The mind and body have no life of their own, therefore know it is the light of the truth Self and the karma of Soul that sways one, in one direction or another. The ego or false sense of Self will use this light or life for wrong purposes - manifesting upon the world stage poverty, sickness, and war etc, however these are not true images as they were not inspired by Spirit but by the ego, therefore will pass away when the ego does and are healed in light of understanding the truth. Remember this world is but a dream. No matter what happens here it cannot touch the true you. No more than dying in one of your dreams would kill you while you are sleeping.

Spirit works through the soul, the soul works through the subconscious and the subconscious of everyone is the present moment. The Soul nature is karmic - it is harmony love and balance. It is pure. It is Awareness and awareness is the activity of Consciousness. So as the vessel of consciousness aka thought, we must work our way back to ourselves as Spirit - our true and full Consciousness. This is done by first becoming conscious of ourselves in and as present moment awareness. The subconscious is not thought, it is not a thinker. It is felt and it is felt as awareness.

Once we hold our mind in and as the present moment awareness subconsciously, this awareness deepens until we touch the hem of Christs gown as the bible calls it. Put another way we touch the outer edges of our Soul and merge with it. The Soul is always directed by Spirit, and this is how we realize our true Self. So become conscious of being Awareness knowing that being can only be felt not thought.

Love your way to awakening. Meditate (BE) with the heart. Let the mind (thought) melt into her, into love. In other words, allow the conscious mind to sit in the subconscious which is present moment awareness. If you keep your conscious mind aka thought in its temple, then it is present to make conscious the intuition flowing through it. The only way to know love in the outside world is to know love within your inner world.

Let your sense of presence and being come from the chest not the head. Meditate with feeling, with emotion. Feel the moment while not letting your mind rise in thought. Radiate all that is good and kind within and see it reflected in the world. It is true what Eckhart said, "Being is felt, it is not thought". When you pray (meditate) without ceasing, let it come from a place of love, rather than thought.

If you cannot love the moment, you are in then you cannot truly meditate. The mind does not linger long where there is no heart.

~Tracy Pierce

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