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Every thought brings a specific perception. Often these perceptions oppose each other. Therefore, you will continually be at war with yourself. I should - I shouldn't, I can - I can't, I will - I won’t. I love myself - I hate myself, I am good - I am bad. If you are at war with yourself, you will be with the world. Moreover, one thought opposing another elicits a different emotional response which also oppose each other, causing stress chemicals to bombard the body, putting it ill at ease with itself, resulting in a dis-ease/s of some kind. Every proverbial house divided against itself will fall and often on others.

Emotion, which is not expressed with be repressed, turning your emotional body into a pain body, which Eckhart Tolle often refers to. This pain body manifests itself as one disease or another such as anxiety, stress, cancer, in fact any number of complaints in relation to one's health and wellbeing. Emotion is the body's response to thought when in the egoic mindset more often than not. Remember emotion is MOTION. If that motion is not used to move the body in some way, it will turn on the body internally in unnatural ways. It is like being in a car that is not in gear with your foot down hard on the accelerator. Spinning your wheels but going nowhere. The wear and tear on the car would be catastrophic.

Therefore, to maintain peace of mind it is prudent to keep the mind in a singular state of meditation. A meditative mind aligns our being with our Spiritual dimension of being. While present in and as Spirit the mind is kept in perfect peace. If your heart aka Subconscious is at peace, your mind can experience any thought emotion or appearance without taking it to heart or identifying with it. Rather than being led by the mind cut off from its Source, we are led by the Awareness that is the expression of our true and eternal Consciousness as Spirit. When we are led by Spirit, an Awareness carried through us as love enlightens or illuminates us. This illumination aka intuition comes to us usually as a feeling that morphs into a thought. When we are led by ego, generally the thought comes first. Consciousness always leads Awareness, so you want the Consciousness of Spirit to dictate your body and the body of the world, not the Consciousness of Mind that is ignorant of itself Spiritually.

Through being in alignment with yourself multidimensionally you are not at war with yourself, nor are you misaligned with your true fate and life that is revealed by one's true Cause as Spirit. Moreover, one is not putting their body and mind in a state of anxiety that prematurely ages it. Rather than taking from the tree of knowledge, (Mental Realm) one partakes of the true of life that sees tuition being given from within, guiding one to their best life in perfect peace.

Instead, of constantly being in thought/feeling, rise above the mind through apperception, which means to be conscious of Being Awareness beyond thoughts/feelings. Rather than being the thought or feeling itself, be the witness to it. You have a conscious mind which is thought. It rises out of the Awareness of the Subconscious, generally because the Subconscious aka heart is not at ease with itself. It needs to stay in the heart, heal it - purify it and then rest in it so that one becomes Conscious of being this Awareness. If you can watch your thoughts for a minute, then realize you are operating at this Awareness. This is what makes us self-aware. Perception is when one sees as thought. (Conscious Mind). Apperception is when one sees as Awareness (Subconscious Mind). Our Conscious Mind is a vessel for our true Consciousness as Spirit (albeit an empty vessel before Realization) and the Subconscious is the part of the Soul that Mind Consciousness is Conscious of to date. I say to date for every lifetime sees this localized Consciousness as Mind (Son or Vessel to Spiritual Consciousness) grow in awareness of itself as Spirit, giving it greater dominion over Soul. The Awareness of the Subconscious is the beginning of Soul. It is the physical vessel for like Spirit, one's true Soul is Unmanifest. The Subconscious is like the top of the iceberg. Underneath lies the Incarnate Soul which is the vessel for the one true, eternal, and undifferentiated Soul that is the body or activity of Spirit.

To be, as the conscious mind, outside of thought, and present in Awareness, which one must understand is a part of the present moment, as opposed to be present in thought as thought is to be in one's Temple awaiting Spiritual instruction. Know yourself as the witness behind the thought and feelings conjured by the ego, freeing yourself from being subject to your thoughts and feeling themselves. Simply be aware by being present in the Present of your Awareness. One’s Consciousness of being Awareness will deepen over time and reveal to you dimensions of being that heretofore you were unconscious of. In this matter, through creating a distance between yourself as Awareness (Soul), you can examine your thoughts (Mind) as well as the state of your emotional body that lies within your Awareness of your physical Being.

You will notice that the emotional body has developed habits that do not serve itself as Soul aka Awareness on any level of Being. These habits were formed while the conscious mind was in an egoic state either or from this lifetime as well as previous lifetimes before this one. This causes the Conscious Mind to rise time and time again in thought. Thought uninspired by Spirit. The Egoic Mind a rogue Mind akin to a runaway train with no driver. It is an empty vessel devoid of its true Consciousness. In bringing conscious attention to the emotional/pain body we can self-reflect, thereby begin to 'see' heal and deal with core emotional beliefs that no longer serve us. Through contemplative and self-reflective practices, the mind as a whole both consciously and subconsciously is left to rest in peace to be born again of Spirit for once the mind is resting in peace it becomes a clear conduit for Spirit to move through and out into the world.

Allow your mind as thought to become perfectly still and quiescent, just sitting in the now purified loving Awareness of being the movement of the moment. Being a part of the movement without judging it. Witness all thoughts and feelings without attending them (Giving them your attention). If you give attention to thought an emotion will surely rise and then you will be lost to it for emotions are more compelling than your thoughts. Eventually, through keeping your "I" in your own peaceful Awareness, being the movement of the entire moment that is not personal, thoughts will taper off due to your lack of interest and attention in them. A personal sense of self can only come about when the mind identifies as thought by being in it as it, as opposed to watching it as Awareness. Remember - apperception over perception keeps one from identifying as thought. See from the Awareness of the Subconscious as opposed to perceiving from the Conscious Mind.

The mind will stop rising and become inactive if you can consciously hold yourself in and as Awareness. Do not try to stop thought as that would be just one thought trying to stop another. You cannot bully yourself. Ask any addict and in truth we are all addicts to one degree or another. Thought cannot stop thought. Each thought has the same will to survive as the other more often than not. Even if one is stronger for a time - it is only a matter of time before it is not. Once all egoic thoughts and feelings stop rising and the mind becomes still quiescent and intuitively receptive, you will become conscious of yourself as an Awareness that goes deeper than the Subconscious. You will become Conscious of yourself as the Awareness of the Incarnate Soul which you would not normally do until death. Beyond this is the true eternal Soul - which is your true eternal body aka Soul. Soul is the unmanifest body of Spirit.

~ Tracy Pierce

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