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Consciousness (You! Your I am-ness) only knows itself. This is why prayer often goes amiss. People pray to an idea in their head of what they believe to be God/Consciousness (Ones true Self) is and ideas are not real. God/Consciousness is. Consider your higher self like you would a radio station. If you want to be heard, then you have to be on the same frequency.

It is same with the moment of NOW. One cannot be present or conscious in the NOW if they are caught up (conscious) in mental concepts aka thoughts. One cannot be present in reality and in thought at the same time. We must responsibly pick and choose our times for listening (Meditation) and our times for talking (Thinking). The conscious mind which we think with constitutes approximately 5% of our mind therefore we should really only be thinking at most 5% of the time, while meditation (another word for being) 95% if the time.

Remember - Awareness - the Soul, is always and only now because it IS the Now. One is not conscious if one is in the process of thinking, but one is conscious if one is being in present moment awareness that aligns the Spirit (Consciousness) and Soul (Awareness) with the mind. The minute the mind starts taking though (not receiving it) one falls out of alignment with one's true Being or true Self.

If you want to have your prayers answered, then you must rise above mind by not letting the mind rise in thought. The only way to stay out of thought is to keep thought single either by concentrating on one thought such as a candle, the breath or something else or by staying in the moment and keeping your mind with your body and only attending to what is before you. This all prepares us for one becoming conscious of being Awareness (Soul). This is initially difficult which is why we start with the breath etc. It is difficult as Awareness is not a noun but a verb. It is not a thing but an activity of being. It is not subject to the mind, rather the mind is its subject. It is a non-objective experience. One is conscious of themselves witnessing life unfold as form - thoughts, body, and the body of the world. The more conscious we become of being Awareness behind our thoughts and feelings the more peace and love is experienced for peace and love ARE Soul. ARE Awareness. For most this experience of being consciously aware starts off as a split-second experience, however the longer our consciousness expands into our Awareness or Soul, the more the Spiritual realms are felt and known.

When Spirit, Soul and Mind are in alignment life takes care of itself for life - the totality of Life IS the Self. In truth - in reality the Self cannot be separated or differentiated even though we do this.

Holding a single impersonal thought of consciousness (meditative) that is lovingly and humbly present in and as all aspects of awareness, eventually (Nobody knows the day or hour) allows one to experience (Beyond theory) the fullness of your Being Spiritually - beyond mind. There will be no mistaking this Presence of Being, for it will be characterized by an absolute absence of doubt regarding your experience. In fact, this experience will feel unobtrusively more real and true than any other experience you have ever had. How you experience the direct experience of Spirit, is of course highly personal, sacrosanct, and tailored specifically to one's own understanding and degree of realization. This Awareness - Soul is the true body or activity of your true Consciousness that sits behind Awareness directing it.

In continuation of your prayer or healing, while present within and as this Presence, assert the truth and perfection of Spirit, that is present in all creatures great and small. Any images you hold of anyone living outside this fundamental truth of our Oneness must be healed in yourself before you think of healing anyone else. If you see illness or separation in anyone you are trying to heal, you will not be able to heal them. You must see - you must KNOW - yourself and them to be the true Self. There must be no sense of separation between the two of you when you are abiding in and As Spirit being Soul, bringing forth the 'word' of healing that knows no opposite or duality of being.

Healing is really nothing more than asserting one's Unity in and of all Being Spirit which removes the error of duality causing the disease, irrespective of the what dis-ease of mind or body is. The healed state is our natural state. It is simply a matter of one's consciousness laying claim to Spiritual unity as opposed to the duality of identifying as mind/body. One does not create health. One takes away what is inhibiting it. One does not create the truth. One recognizes the lie for what it is, and the truth is then revealed.

~ Tracy Pierce

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