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Atman, Christ, Son, Buddha or Krishna, depending on your terminology and conceptualization was born in the image of its true Self as Brahman, Father, God, Supreme Self etc. Again, it all depends on what terminology and conceptualization you prefer to use for understanding and communication. It all means the same thing at the end of the day. It is the principles that are important here.

The correct principles dictate that our true eternal formless Self has projected or reflected itself into and as a temporary Temple made of form within its own formless body Aka Soul (Am). In turn this projection or reflection known as Atman, Christ etc has in turn reflected a body (Soul) of its own that we call the mind, world, universe etc. This equation mounts to I am that I am.

To reiterate and make clear, this means that Atman, Christ, Buddha or the Son etc is a pure reflection or projection of our true Supreme Self (I). This reflection sits within the womb of the true eternal Soul (AM) directed by Braham Aka God. Just as the Father has a Soul which the Son (Male) sits in, so too does the Son.

The Am (Female) or body of the Son sitting in the Womb of Eternal Soul is what we call the Subconscious Aka Human Soul or Temple not made with hands. The Christ or Buddha is One, however, like its Father or true Self, it too has projected itself into not one, but billions of life forms that are each its body.

The forward trajectory of billions of projections within the Christ or Buddha mind causes spiritual amnesia, whereby one identifies with the I of the Conscious Mind rather than the I of Atman that is One with Brahman. This is how the Ego is born.

The Human Soul holds within it, unconscious karmic Vasana's which are Subconscious tendencies, formed through ignorance and false beliefs. Ignorance is the absence of the true Self. In the absence of the true Self false beliefs are formed. Ignorance is Darkness - meaning the absence of Light and Love. The absence of Light & love cause desire. The desire to have what was lost lives in all forms.

These harboured desires cause the Human Soul to reincarnate time and time again, living out its darkness in the world of physicality which acts like a mirror. Seeing one's own darkness reflected back to one, having to suffer it, causes one to search out the Light within. Eventually it dawns on the Soul, that they will never find what they are looking for in the physical world with the thinking mind. Life teaches this Soul, through their own suffering, to look within with the stillness of the Being Mind for the light and love of their true Self, which is soon revealed.

The Subconscious Mind Aka Human Soul, which includes the Conscious Mind is known as the body of the Christ or Buddha etc. The Conscious Mind (That which we use to think with) rolls out of the Subconscious Mind like a wave does the sea. This Conscious Mind (I)is what we misidentify with while forgetting our true Mind as Christ (I) Aka Buddha (I) etc that is the pure reflection of the Supreme Self as Brahman or God (I).

The Ego is formed when we mistake the I of the Conscious Mind (That which we think with) with our true I that is the Christ or Buddha - that is One with the true Self as Brahman or God.

This is why Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me"- John 14:6

What this basically means is, one must develop a Christ, Buddha, or Krishna Mind before knowing Thy true Self as Brahman or God etc.

To conclude and summarize, God projects itself as Christ who in turn projects itself as Mind (I) Soul (Am), into billions of (I am's) forms that constitute our world.

~ Love Tracy

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