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How does one establish an intrapersonal relationship with their true self as Spirit? Meaning a conscious relationship that is, because clearly one is always the true Self. We are just not conscious of ourselves as Spirit. Yet. So, the real question is, what one must do is dispel the illusion of being a temporary mind/body rather than Spirit full of Grace and love. How does one convince themselves they are not the mind and body which is clearly seen and felt, but Spirit that is unmanifest therefore undetectable to the senses and seemingly impossible for the Mind to know. Moreover, if there is another dimension of our Being, then why have we never before now, been conscious of it? Well, 'not conscious' as a collective anyway, for there are many individuals both now and historically that have found the way, bearing witness to a higher dimension of Being that restores the health and well-being of just by their mere presence.

I think it would be fair to say that the spiritual dimension of our being has always in all ways been widely discussed and quite rigorously, throughout history until now. It is only in this very decade, that our species is beginning to collectively evolve into yet another dimension of Being. Much like we did way back when as cavemen we discovered the prosperities and powers of mind that quite literally changed the way we existed in the world, drastically impacting the health and wellbeing of the planet and all that dwell within. I think it would be fair to say that this involution rather than evolution if you like, perhaps, is set to be as drastic and life altering as the realization and revelation of the mental realm in its day. The evolution and embodiment of the Spiritual Realm will completely change the way we experience and understand reality.

The reasons we have not discovered this Spiritual dimension before now, is because firstly, it was not our time. Evolution had not reached the stage where the thinking mind was doing more damage than good. One must crawl before they walk. One must think before they can 'Be'. We simply had not, as a species evolved collectively enough to consider and understand that the way we use the mind might not be as greater an advantage as thought -for either ourselves or the planet. We are only just registering that perhaps we might think too much. We are the only thinking animal in the world apart from a few animals that can do token intellectual tasks. We are also the only animal on this planet that does more harm than good. Coincidence? I think not.

Like crawling, thinking has had its day. This intermediary stage served its purpose just like the opposable thumb and tail did in their time. It is now time we learn to walk. and use the mind as it was designed to be used at this point in our journey back home. By holding the mind in a less active yet superior state of Being, which is highly aware and alert we become conscious of what was once veiled due to being lost in our thoughts. We begin to realize our true Self.

Mind which is though rises out of its Temple (Subconscious/Present Moment) where spiritual illumination is imparted every time the Conscious Mind creates a thought. This means the mind/body remains unconscious of Spiritual Guidance that ONLY can be received by a mind that is present in its Temple which is the Subconscious & Present Moment.

The mind is unconscious of itself as Spirit because it is unable to abide in and as the Present Moment longer than a millisecond. Spirit cannot reach you when you are lost in your thoughts because your thoughts are not real. Spirit can only connect with you in and as the Present Moment. Your mind is too distracted by itself and the chaos of this world to bother looking behind itself with the I of Knowing, rather than looking in front of itself with the eyes that can only see just beyond the end of its nose.

This means if you are constantly thinking, the mind is guiding you, not Spirit. And a blind mind at that. You cannot be in the present moment (Mindfulness) and in thought at the same time any more than the epiglottis can serve both the lungs and stomach at the same time. You cannot serve two masters. You are either creating thoughts yourself as Mind thereby using Ego to manipulate and create life as or alternatively one can keep the mind still in meditation within the Temple of and as Present Moment Awareness, allowing Spirit to guide you aright. Thought given (Spirit) and thought taken (Ego) are two completely different processes rendering two completely different realities. The Ego is a mind/body that is not conscious of itself as Spirit, therefore, cannot bring forth the natural gifts of Spirit or be guided by intuition. This is akin to the body walking around without a mind to direct it. One lives a kind of half-life - half dead.

In realizing ourselves Spiritually, we unite the world as One. Until we know ourselves as the eternal and infinite unmanifest I Am off Spirit, we will never know of our Oneness for it is only at the level of spirit that our relationship with one another is really known experientially. The mind and body devoid of Spiritual vision will see all appearances in the physical as apart from one another rather than a part of each other. It is only in truly knowing that we are actually - literally One, that will save us from ourselves. Until that oneness is felt and known, the left hand will continue to steal food from the right hand and the left foot will continue to step on the right foot because they do not realize they are of the same body.

Along our journey back home, one must unequivocally, without any doubt whatsoever, identify as Spirit which is naturally is a non-objective experience as the Soul is not manifest -it is not an object like the mind and body is, therefore, it can never be subject to mind/body, nor can we ever know the Soul Aka Awareness with the senses. We can never know Soul like we know everything else in life. We know Soul through Being the Soul which knows exactly what to do, be, and say at any given time as Soul is the direct activity of the omniscient Spirit.

We practice Self-Enquiry through focusing all our attention on ourselves being Awareness or Aware (Soul). This is demonstrated as being as profoundly present in and as the moment as you can be. You want to be so deeply present that you lose all sense of yourself and just become the moment itself. Like when you are in your zone. When you are in your zone you are not a person doing something. Rather you are the whole of all things The operating as one with life. We know the true Self with the I am of our being. Know I am - now hold that knowing attention, always in all ways. It is through 'Knowing' that the Soul is realized. Through Clair-cognizance Aka Faith. We will know what to say, do, think, be, etc in the very moment we need it. It will come to us easily, clearly and without a shadow of a doubt. In fact, the lack of doubt is the defining feature of Faith or Knowing. Besides of course it always in all ways being right and non-maleficent. This coming to know Thy Self is not something you can force. It is like floating. You simply have to let go of all expectations and conditions for the moment and let life decide what happens to you next. You have to build a relationship with the Present Moment and then you have to trust it to handle your affairs. It gets easier once you realize Life (behind the curtains) is actually your true Self as that you are trusting to guide you to still waters. The Present Moment is your actual true body - all of it.

Our very existence - our very I am-ness is the door to the Spiritual realms of our Being that heretofore, have been veiled from us due to our obsession with incessantly thinking. Perversely this thirst for mental entertainment has left us more ignorant than not thinking at all for we have more or less cut our nose off despite our face. We cut off the only Source that could have given all the answers and more without a price. We veiled ourselves from all the answers to our questions thinking we as mind knew better than Spirit. A Spirit that to this day, people still deny having lol.

A lot of people do not realize the difference between Consciousness and Awareness, often thinking they mean the same thing. They don't. Awareness being Soul is the activity of Consciousness which is Spirit. Awareness like Consciousness is unmanifest therefore, beyond the minds ability to know, control and use. The mind can only be known and used by Soul, never the other way round. The shift in consciousness spoken of by many happens when you no longer identify as mind but as the unmanifest Soul beyond mind and the human Soul (Subconscious). You do not have that dominion while identifying as mind (Ego). One thought has very little success in telling another thought what to do for very long as we can all attest too. It is like intuition. You do not use intuition. Intuition uses you - the voice of Spirit will always command mind.

So, before union of the I am of Spirit and the I am of Mind can take place, it is prudent to establish communion. If you are anything like me, you are going to feel silly and self-conscious doing and saying this but do it anyway. It actually works. I stand as testimony. Going within, say to yourself, either in thought or out loud "I don't know what or why or how to realize my true Self nor do I even really understand what true Self is - and - I don't even feel comfortable talking this way, but I am determined to know thy self Spiritually. Something within me is telling me there’s more to me, than I am conscious of. Show me how to listen, how to hear Spirit, and how to respond for I don't know where to start in either word or deed. Tell me how I can reconnect to my truth that is apparently the truth of all Beings. Because I know there is more to life than this. Show me the next step in my evolution. I swear if your intent was true, you will be answered for it is just as Rumi says "What you are seeking, is seeking you.

As corny as the above exercise is, this is how you start. Just like you would with interpersonal relationships. You slowly but surely become familiar with each other until understanding and connection bonds you together in a mutual truth. That mutual truth is the moment. The NOW. You become familiar with the present moment because finally you are not being distracted by egoic thoughts and feelings. When your consciousness is no longer caught up in the phenomena of mentalism and physicality, we become aware of aspects of our being we never knew existed due to basically being rendered unconscious in the process of thinking We begin to know ourselves beyond the mental and the physical. We begin to know our true Self as Spiritual. This is our next step in evolution. A step that will profoundly affect every species on this planet over and above yourself.

In one way or another your true Self/Universe will respond to your pleas to unite. I can guarantee that! Always and without exception. This I promise you. Always in all ways, the truth of your being is calling you home, even when you don't heed or hear that call. There is not one moment that passes that the truth isn't in one way or another, trying to open your "I" so that your true Soul is present in the flesh, guiding the mind to still waters and fulfilment of purpose.

~ Love Tracy

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