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Before our interpersonal relationships can be of any value, an intrapersonal relationship with our true Consciousness must be established first. I say this because it is only in and of Spirit that we know our connection to one another. In the egoic state we see ourselves separate to each other as individual people and individual countries. We see ourselves as being separate to all the creatures great and small on this planet as well as the planet itself. When we see ‘others’ being separate to ourselves we do not take the same care with our relationships with them as we would if we saw them as family or a part of our being. This is why we see neighbours waring with neighbours, countries waring with each other, and our planet being destroyed through our selfish misuse of it.

If you have not yet established an intrapersonal relationship with your true and full Consciousness as Spirit, then now is the time to do so. An intrapersonal relationship with Spirit automatically establishes true and lasting relationships interpersonal relationships all creatures great and small, with our planet, with our solar system – with all beings and non-beings.

An established intrapersonal relationship can be established through simply asking internally for it, even if you have no idea what you are asking for. If your heart is in it, Spirit will know for Spirit works through the heart. The heart being the subconscious which is a part reflection of the One Soul. Thought when deeply felt has wings.

~ Tracy Pierce

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