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If we give our conscious mind (inner I) - our thought, our attention to our subconscious awareness that is ever present in the Now with all its heart, we are being true to ourselves. In other words, one's presence - one's I am-ness is marinating in one's heart of Awareness, ready to marry the true and full Awareness of Soul that is directed by our true Consciousness as Spirit. This is Cause (Spirit) guiding Effect (Mind).

If we give our conscious mind, our attention (inner I) to thought/imagination, we are creating false images and then giving them life by being present in them. Images that will be born in the physical upon the world stage. They are called false images or thoughts because they originated from mind consciousness rather than Spirit Consciousness.

In order for thought to come from Spirit Consciousness, one's Conscious mind - one's attention must abide in one's subconscious of Now - the present moment which is directed by one's true Consciousness as Spirit. This is called taking the path of heart as the emotional body lies in the subconscious. Eckhart Tolle says being must be felt for this reason. One must - as thought - as attention itself, feel the present moment - be it. When the conscious and subconscious minds come together as one, they are like their true Self in which one's Soul is married to one's Spirit. Because like attracts like, they merge together as one in perfect alignment. I am (mind) is aligned and one with I AM (Spirit).

Mind Consciousness acts like a camera, in that it beholds an image consciously, records it in a physical memory bank, then develops it via the subconscious which sits in the Now or present moment Awareness. An Awareness that is more like an on-going video camera that does not segregate time into snapshots like the conscious mind does. It is simply Now. One must ensure that the images being developed are true and not false. One must ask themselves then where their attention abides. In the mind or in Spirit.

They are true if they are born of Spirit, they are false if they are born of mind.

The conscious mind until it has merged with spirit is nothing more than a bad apple offered to Eve our Subconscious. It will create thought and live it them like it is reality - bringing forth one false image after another. We must bring our attention to our awareness, not bring our attention to thought. As attention we must abide in Awareness. The awareness of the subconscious is like a video camera that observes and witnesses everything, while judging nothing. It is just feeling the moment without reacting to it through judgment. As our attention continues to abide and marinate in this Awareness, one Consciousness expands deeper into it - into the depths of its being, revealing the love of Soul and the Intelligence of Spirit - our true Self. Once the true Self has been revealed to our attention we can create images of this truth, impregnate the subconscious with it and bring this truth forth into the physical. Everyone has a different image of the same truth - the same love. This image is not the truth but was born of it, therefore it is a true image. The truth is Cause, while Effect is the appearance of it. We sometimes call these appearances false as they are transitory and ever changing, however they are not false in the same way false images born from an egoic mind are. False images born from egoism, are images born of Mind Consciousness ignorant of itself as Spiritual Consciousness. When the mind does not know itself as Spirit, it develops a false and limited view of itself which it recreates in the physical.

To reiterate and summarize, you can see now, how the mind is confused in thinking it is the true Self when both are conscious awareness. The Conscious mind acts like and for Consciousness aka Spirit and the Subconscious acts like and for the Soul aka Awareness. Any image born from Undifferentiated Awareness being Nonconceptual Consciousness (True Self) is called a true image as it originates from the true Self & it manifests a true physical reality, bringing all the added things forth into the physical. Any image (otherwise known as thought) born from the mind's awareness, is called a false image, as it did not originate from the true Self but an image or reflection of the true Self - a copycat or imposter. Of course, false images create a false physical reality such as sickness and poverty etc.

To conclude, once the I am of mind merges with the I am of Spirit all desire ceases for one does not desire what one already has. When one knows themselves as Spirit, they have everything - they have dominion over all being. Consider - what is living without desire?

~ Tracy Pierce

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