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The minute you identify with an effect, with matter, with form, with anything physical then you have limited yourself to that identity.

All form has a beginning and end date being subject to time and space. Therefore, you will give yourself a beginning and end date. An end date that you will fear for the rest of your life the moment you are born.

Identify with mind and you will be subject to it - in other words a slave to it. Moreover, the mind will, being subject only to itself, with no spiritual guidance, create a negative feedback loop that hypnotizes itself into thinking its physical creations are reality when in fact they are not.

Empirical evidence is as much a lie as it is the truth. Let me explain why. It is the truth, if mind is aligned with and as Spirit even though it is still an appearance that will always be transitory. It is the truth if mind is aligned with all being and nonbeing. It is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient; therefore, the personal mind reveals the impersonal and undifferentiated life with no limits whatsoever. The only limit is the vehicle is uses for its expression. All vehicles are limited even when realized. The difference between a realized vehicle and one that is not though, is vast. It is the difference between a computer with WI-FI and one that has not.

It is false if the mind is disconnected to its Spirit. If mind is disconnected to its truth, then it is disconnected to the truth of all being and nonbeing because we are one. Instead of the mind/body seeing itself as a part of the Universe, it sees itself as apart from it - often causing it to go to war with aspects of its own being looking for the power it cut itself off from. The disconnected mind is limited to the form in which it is imprisoned for its life span. It is literally doing time. The disconnected mind then will be forced to create life in the physical from its limited perspective, creating a physical lie that it will point too and say, see empirical evidence states that I am right and this reality. There is no truth in disease. There is no truth in war. There is no truth in famine. There is no truth in poverty. These are the manifestations of an insane mind akin to a Zombie. A mind/body cut off from its true Intelligence (I) and Love (Am).

“Let the dead bury the dead,” - Luke 9:60.

Never equate existence or truth with form, with Effect. To do so is to blind yourself to Cause - to your true Self. Stop seeing with the eyes of flesh and learn to see the "I" of Spirit. Know Thy Self not as Effect but as Cause being Effect and know life eternal. Create life, instead of recreating a lie that we mistake for life or reality.

Identify with Spirit/Cause and mind will be subject to you as the body is subject to the mind. Identify as the mind and you will be subject to the desires of the mind. Desires formed by a mind that knows innately if not consciously that there is a powerful part of itself is missing but cannot 'see' what.

You are Conscious Awareness behind the thought which gives it life. The vehicles or vessels of the true Self have also been granted the power to create life as they were born in the image of its true self. However, if the mini-me of Spirit aka the mind, is not conscious of and aligned with their true Self, they will create or give life to a lie.

You are, as mind not supposed to be the creator of thought, but the Awareness or witness of it. It is Spirit (Your true Self) that creates, not mind. Once you know yourself as Cause and Effect, as the Creator and the creator you will understand what I am saying. At the moment you only see life from the perspective of effect, rather than the apperception of Cause.

Your TRUE SELF is the creator (Cause). The mind is a revealer of the truth (Effect).

Thought, otherwise known as Mind, in its egoic form creates a life through thought as if it had a life of its own. But it does not for there is no true Consciousness to uphold it. What it creates dies when it dies if not before. Life as ego is being created from the conscious of the vehicle, not the consciousness of the driver of that vehicle. That makes a major difference to our experienced reality. One reality is born of the truth while the other is born of a lie.

The Soul is not directing mind, nor is Spirit which works through Soul. The mind is rising in and of itself. There is no thinker behind thought, just thoughts of a thinker. Due to this, the door connecting the mind and spirit has been veiled and closed.

The mind is an imitation/image/reflection of the true Self, with no life of its own, even though it is consciously (I) aware (Am) like the true Self is consciously (I) aware (Am). Of course, it is. If our true Self is conscious awareness, then so will be our reflection which is mind. I is the conscious mind and Am is the subconscious. If the mind gives its consciousness or presence to thought, it will die in thought. If the mind gives its consciousness to Spirit (Awareness), it will have eternal life.

Undifferentiated Awareness is reality, and reality is not an idea or a thought about reality. It is not mind. It is not subject to the mind, or any thought. Undifferentiated Awareness is the minds creator, which created mind for the purpose of being what bridges the spiritual to the physical. Spirit created mind to reveal the truth, not create it.

~ Tracy Pierce

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