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Don't fall in love with an idea of reality. Ideas aren't real. They aren't reality though admittedly they create a very compelling illusion pretending they are.

Fall in love with reality itself, outside the illusion of the 'Thinking Persona". Once the false self falls away, once you are free of the illusion of being a separate consciousness to Consciousness itself, your true Self and the reality of your infinite eternal nature will be revealed. In the same moment you will be liberated from the thoughts and emotions that at one time ruled your existence. Once you know yourself as Spirit, you will never again be subject to the minds desires and wants.

Whatever shape the present moment is in, be the love in it. Be guided by Soul rather than mind. This is done by being as deeply present in the moment (Soul) itself until the illusionary self dies and the true Self is revealed. Then one is not in the moment but of the moment itself.

Reality never changes. Ideas always do because the mind like the body is a temporary form - a vehicle. The love of mind and body is but a fleeting affair, however the love of Spirit is forever. Therefore, know yourself as Spirit and lovely eternally, even after death.

People often equate love with wanting but true love waits for nothing, therefore love the moment in the same way as you would your child; with all your heart (subconscious/awareness) and all your mind (consciousness/attention) and all your soul (awareness/present moment) and watch it blossom. Expect nothing, give everything. Love for love's sake only" - Elizabeth Barret Browning and realize love is love's reward - John Milton.

And thou shalt love the Lord thy God (Spirit or true Consciousness) with all thy heart, (subconscious awareness) and with all thy soul, (present moment awareness) and with all thy mind, (conscious attention) and with all thy strength (body); this is the first commandment… There is none other commandment greater.” - Mark 12:30-31

When you align the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, Soul and Spirit in the reality of Now (The totality of their being - constituting the present moment) magic happens. One begins to see the extra in the ordinary, bringing to life a festival of lights as time stands still in the Oneness of Being Now.

The true self cannot come into the physical except through mind consciousness. If mind consciousness is busy creating thought itself, - if the I am of mind consciousness is busy creating its own thoughts, then the channel (its very I am-ness) for spiritual guidance and vision is veiled and lost. What will be out pictured or manifested in the physical then is man's idea of reality, which of course is no reality at all. Sickness, disease, poverty, war, murder etc are all manifestations created by billions of minds that have clogged and veiled their I am-ness, their minds with ideas they have created in ignorance of their true intelligence, their true and full Consciousness or self.

Love outside your ideas of what love is and I promise you will find it.

~ Tracy Pierce

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