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If one is Self-Realized, life is serendipitous. There is a synchronicity to be found in each and every moment. Everything flows, everything is in alignment, the Spirit, the mind, the body and the moment, bringing one's true purpose for being to life in the physical. One's life is one’s Spiritual dream come true. It is not the egoic minds dream come true but Spirits. This is an important distinction.

You could liken one that is realized to a cancer cell that suddenly realizes they are part of the One body, so starts to play its part and work with the body rather than against it for its own agenda. All of a sudden, the body begins to heal now this cancer cell has aligned itself with the DNA/RNA of the body. The dream of the individual is in line with the dream of collective, the way every cell in the body works together for the whole in their individual and respective roles.

If life appears to be going against you, it is probably because you are still stuck in egoic consciousness, formed within the mental realm of being that is limited, chaotic and dualistic. Identifying as form, one's life is filled with one day you have it, one day you don't: Health, wealth, love, even life as we get ever closer to the ending of Shakespeare's depiction of "All the worlds a stage" in which our life amounts to "sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything," which means, no teeth, no eyes, no taste, no form therefore, seemingly, and only seemingly, no life at all. Every day as form, sees us closer to death, but as Spirit, in reality, life is eternal and now, formless, unfettered, and free.

Losing the mind and body for the realized is nothing more than a costume change. Of course, it is sad when a great movie comes to an end, however there is so many wonderful movies to be played.

Until one is aligned and in realization of their true Self, life will be arduous and painful one moment and all that seems blissful the next. This is the nature of the dualistic mind. One day you have it, the next day you don't. On and on this ground hog day will play out until your inner "I" surrenders to the truth - to the very awareness of one's Being.

As soon as the Inner I or conscious mind surrenders its role as the creator of life, to take up its role as the 'revealer instead', will one know true peace and happiness. Only then will one be able to rest in Life Eternal, without the stings and arrows of an imaginary life and death played out on a physical stage. Death is just a costume change. We play many parts throughout eternity.

~ Tracy Pierce

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