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Deny your addictions and distractions and sit in your pain and suffering until what is unconscious becomes conscious, so that you might heal yourself of what hinders you. So that you can ease the pain within, causing you to rise in thoughts that insult your own Soul.

One day when your heart has been unburdened and you are free of redundant thought patterns and core beliefs, you will feel an everyday freedom you have never felt before.

You don't notice the everyday hum of stress that has built over the years in the background of your mind as it has built gradually in the same way an obese person does not notice the heavy burden of weight they are carrying due to gradually putting it on. It is only when it becomes to much to bear that one notices this chronic ever present hum of pain and unease.

You will notice it when it is gone however. You will feel free and unburdened, light, and joyful.

The true Self is not created, it is revealed when we let go of all that does hinder us

~ Tracy Pierce

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