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Thought always originates from the primary "I" thought, which is often referred to as the Conscious Mind or Inner I. This I thought, is your presence of being and experienced as your "I am-ness". Your sense of I exist or 'I am-ness' or your experience of being conscious or alive is, before realization of the true Self dawns, limited to the Conscious mind. We have all for the most part identified as the conscious mind as we are unconscious or ignorant of ourselves as Soul aka Awareness. The knower. We take or create thought as we believe we are, as the conscious mind the sole creator. The Cause of all Effect. If we knew ourselves as Awareness aka Soul, the need to take thought from the mental realm would be unnecessary. Rather than thought being taken from the mental realm, it would be given from the Spiritual Realm, where one as the true and eternal Self as Cause abides. What is there to think about when you are omniscient - all knowing and led by Spirit?

The subconscious mind is not your Consciousness, it is not your Conscious Mind. It is not thought. It is mind but not thought. It is the body of thought in the same way Soul is the body of Spirit. It is Awareness which is the activity of Consciousness. The Subconscious then is the activity of the Conscious Mind aka thought. The Subconscious represents the collective Awareness stemming from all thoughts you have taken since your conception as an Incarnate Soul or more aptly put, Localized Consciousness, began. The subconscious represents how conscious the Incarnate Soul aka Localized Consciousness is of themselves as Soul. I Spirit (Eternal Consciousness) Am Soul (Eternal Awareness) that (being) I Conscious Mind (Temporary Consciousness - vessel) Am Subconscious Mind (Part or limited Awareness of Soul or the whole Soul if realized).

Consciousness is intelligence expressed as Awareness which is Love. If you want to determine the difference between the two experientially, think of the differences between what is thought (Consciousness) and what is felt (Awareness). You use your mind to think and your heart to feel. They are both felt at different levels of your being. What is felt is deeper than what is thought when in the egoic mindset.

While in the egoic mindset, oddly enough you are aware you are conscious, but you are often not conscious of being awareness. Bizarre statement I know but truly consider it. Your subconscious mind has a situational, kinaesthetic understanding that knows from being. Moreover, and more importantly, the subconscious is the vessel and door to one's true Self as Soul, which is the body or activity of one's true Consciousness as Spirit. The Consciousness of mind for the most part is the only aspect of Thy Being that is actually unconscious and misaligned with the whole. It is unconscious because it is caught up in its own self-generated illusion of thoughts, feelings and their manifestations which means it is absent in thy Temple of Present Moment Awareness. As Thought or Mind when we are present in our own thoughts, we are not present in the Subconscious/ Present Moment (Via meditation), therefore, are not conscious of being ourselves as the Incarnate Soul that is the Vessel of the One true Soul being Spirit - our true and eternal Consciousness. This means the Consciousness of Mind is an empty vessel. It has not been filled with and guided by one's true Consciousness as Spirit.

Remember the Consciousness of mind is Effect (Temporary) The Consciousness of Spirit is Cause (Eternal). The mind if it is not conscious of itself as Awareness, it will not be conscious of itself as Spirit, therefore, is a rebel without a Cause. Being without a true Cause, it spends its life looking for one, acting as Cause, creating life instead of revealing it.

The Conscious Mind is not responsible for creating or sustaining life. The subconscious does. The subconscious is sustained by one's true Consciousness as Spirit. You do not sustain the beat of your heart. You do not control the respiratory system nor the digestive system nor any system in the body at all. The subconscious does. The Conscious mind thinks it is the doer because as mind it can affect effect. It can do this because it is Consciousness and Consciousness can and does direct Awareness in the same way mind directs the body. Awareness IS the body of Consciousness. However, it is vitally important to understand that until the Consciousness of mind has met and merged with its true and eternal Consciousness as Spirit, it will create life blind. It will create life from the mental realm of limitation and duality as opposed to the Spiritual realm of Oneness and omniscience.

Your subconscious knows all the number plates of everyone on your street, however the conscious mind barely knows your own. Your Conscious Mind is so focused on self-generated thoughts and feelings, it can only take in a small amount of situational information. In other words, it is not present in and as the NOW like your Subconscious is. Awareness IS the present moment. Awareness is the subconscious, the Incarnate Soul. Everyone's subconscious collectively IS the world - the Present Moment - the One Soul in all its differentiations.

The conscious mind is your presence, and it is your presence that is the essence of all esoteric thought or being. Ontologically it is our sentience. - the one common denominator we all have when we are conscious of ourselves as Spiritual Consciousness. When we are only conscious of ourselves as Mind Consciousness, all we will see is separation from each other and the world around us. Everyone in the world refers to and knows themselves in one language or another as. " I am." Our existence relies on nothing else but this unique experience of being I am - no thinking, no empirical validation needed. I am. I exist. I am conscious. No proof needed or possible. I am. The depth of this I am-ness can only expand if it is present in its own Awareness. If it is present in thought, it will and is distracted - for copious lifetimes.

Understand clearly that the ONLY way through the door into other dimensions of thy being, is through this I am-ness that you know to be your very existence. I Spirit AM Soul. The I of your Being - Mind Consciousness, must stay out of thinking and stay in its "AM" which is its Awareness - its Soul. The Am or Soul of thy Being (Of all Being) is the subconscious, the Present Moment, and the Incarnate Soul. They are all different levels of Being for the Conscious Mind to become lost in and AS. Eventually through the deepening of Mind-Consciousness in and as Awareness, the Consciousness of Mind will come to know its true eternal Consciousness of Spirit - in which two become One. This is when the Consciousness of Mind becomes as instrument of peace for the Consciousness of Spirit.

So, to reiterate and expand" The I of the Conscious Mind must become one with the Am of its own being or Awareness, through first being present in and as the am of the Subconscious. It does this by staying in and AS the Present Moment. This level of Awareness will expand into another dimension of being where one sees and knows themselves as the Incarnate Soul. This happens upon death but can and does happen before death via the process of Realization. Once the Incarnate Soul is known, one Consciousness deepens further within and as the 'AM', whereupon one realizes their oneness with and as the One true and eternal Soul (Am) that is directed and always one with Ones Consciousness as Spirit (I). So, the I am of Mind Consciousness merges with the true and eternal I AM of spirit, through the Awareness of Soul. When I am that I am is in perfect alignment one is said to under and living as Grace.

This experience of I am-ness is what one must look into for this is the door to liberation. We must first bring the I and the Am of mind together through firstly purifying the heart aka subconscious then by being present in it. By focusing on our Source - our I am-ness, thoughts and their subsequent feelings stop rising, allowing our Consciousness of Mind (I) to become conscious of being the Am-Soul-Awareness behind them.

One experiences the Awareness of and as Soul, when one stops putting one's Consciousness of Mind (your presence, attention or I am-ness) into thought generated by Mind Consciousness itself, NOT Spiritual Consciousness. Meaning you are identifying as thought, as the instrument of your true Consciousness, rather than your true Consciousness as Spirit itself. You are looking at your reflection and identifying with it, forgetting your true Self as the one standing in front of the mirror. Thought (reflection) distracts one from the reality of being - of Awareness - as self/the moment. The Conscious Mind will ,if you let it through taking thought (as opposed to being given it), take you out of reality (Soul or Am) and into an idea of reality instead (Mind - reflection). This means your limited and dual idea of reality is manifested in the world rather than Spirits - your true Self - your true Consciousness.

The conscious mind goes rogue or rises in thought by itself, as being Consciousness, which is innately creative, it has identified as the vessel it was meant to use, rather as the creator of it. Therefore, misuses it. This is because you are ignorant of yourself as the Creator - as the Soul being Spirit. You, as consciousness are not conscious of yourself as Awareness aka Soul. You are not conscious of yourself as Awareness as you are absent in it, while present in thought, in consciousness only, mistaking it for Awareness - for reality. It would be like us identifying as our reflection in the mirror and forgetting ourselves and living as the reflection instead.

This presence or experience of being alive or conscious, is what you were before birth and what you will be after death only more expansive as you will, on death, fall into your own awareness automatically once the duality of mind is dropped. For you as the Incarnate Soul (Vessel) are Conscious Awareness - an instrument of the true Self’s Peace. If you don't believe me then look into your inner I am-ness from which all thought arises and see for yourself. You will literally lose your inner I as thought and find yourself as Awareness through becoming consciously aware. Eventually you will realize your true I am-ness that is eternal Cause. Then you will relax and enjoy every effect you become over many lifetimes without undue attachment and fear of death.

Of course, first and foremost one must become disillusioned with the mind, with yourself as mind. This takes people a long time for identification with it is strong. People love thinking - until their thinking causes them to suffer and eventually it always does. Only then you will look for your Self as Spirit. There has to come a certain point in time in which you get sick of your own bullshit. Your own thoughts and their consequent manifestations that scribble all over the artwork of your true Consciousness as Spirit working through the Subconscious. Only then will you be interested in seeking what creates thought as opposed to what the thought is about.

The purpose for waking is so we may stop suffering through being at the mercy of both thought and emotion as Mind Consciousness devoid of its true Consciousness as Spirit. The mind cannot master itself. One must realize themselves as Spirit, through the merging of both Mind and Spiritual Consciousness, so that one as Spirit can master the mind. Liberation takes us form the experience of being the servant of mind to being its master, giving us dominion as Cause over Effect. Like a child learning how to use its body so we are as Spirit, learning how to use our mind. Such is evolution.

~ Tracy Pierce

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