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When I keep my attention - my conscious mind - my consciousness, focused on BEING, focused on AWARENESS, which is an activity by the way and not a 'thing' I starve thoughts about a personal sense of self right away.

How can a personal sense of self exist without personal thought? Impossible. How can one exist without thought? This is what you realize when you take the road less travelled aka seeking Self Realization. Who are you in between every thought you have? Find out by keeping your attention in being Awareness. Now this is a difficult thing to do to begin with as Awareness aka Soul does not have form. It is an activity of being rather than a physical state of being. The mind finds this practice hard as it is so used to projecting itself outwards into form. The best way to go about it is to stay in the moment which keeps the mind still. One seeks by keeping a stillness of mind. Notice yourself noticing. This is the start. This gives your Soul aka Awareness a foot in the door. It will guide you further. Your own Soul knows the way.

Take in the scent of cut grass, the sound of birds singing their morning tune outside, the radio in the next room, the sound of a much loved dog yawning as he heralds in a new & sunny summers day, the feel of the linen against your thighs as you adjust your position on the bed while feeling the soft summer breeze gently caressing your check as it wafts in from the window, will bring home to you, I am not one of these things yet I am all of them. When I am not myself, I am all things and non-things. In the quietness of your mind, you will notice yourself noticing. Once you are outside of thought and your consciousness is in its temple (Now) it will realize a state of being that it had no consciousness of while it was busy thinking.

The feeling of peace, of a soft joy bubbling up from within your centre centres you. I consciousness am awareness being that...

~ Tracy Pierce

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