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It is important to understand before reading this that everyone has their own unique way of experiencing and expressing the true Self Aka Brahman or God. However, due to all of us being one, our experiences are very similar. therefore, I write this in the hope it might aid you in finding the right state of Being that helps you come into your true Self, thereby liberating you from the suffering of Mind.

My way is to listen as intently as I can 'within and as' Thy "I am-ness" while feeling the moment as the moment. So, when I am in the moment, I simply witness it without thinking about it. Thinking is always personal which will separate you from all else. Once the personal is gone, there is only Life living itself through you, so it is important to just be aware as the witness while at the same time listening inwardly for direction - with your heart -not your mind. My sense of presence is felt in the chest area, not the head area. Just feel I am - feel I exist and keep your attention there in that 'I am-ness', letting it expand to join your awareness of being the witness the moment, for this is the door through which the true I am (True Self) comes through to raise you up. There is no need to stretch or move your mind in listening for your true Self will find you, you do not have to seek it. Seeking is movement and the mind must be still.

We are teaching the Conscious Mind (I) which is attention to work as One with the Awareness of the Subconscious (Am) Aka Human Soul. The Spirit is always attention/Presence/Consciousness while the Soul is always Awareness which is the activity or expression of Consciousness. Only when the I and the am of Mind Consciousness are working together as One is the Temple (Human Soul) fit the true I AM- the true Self to inhabit and merge with.

Remember the goal here is to lose one's personal sense of Self (I am) in the Impersonal (IAM) Self. One's true I am-ness does not have a personal sense about it. It is just Life living itself. Rather it is known and experienced as an empty cavity - an impersonal spaceless Awareness. At least this is how I would describe it.

Note, Thy is used to indicate Impersonal Spiritual Consciousness while My is used to indicate personal Mind Consciousness.

So, the practice is to sit in Thy I am-ness while witnessing everything I am not such as the mind's thoughts/feelings/body and the body of the world without thinking about it while consciously keeping one's attention ever open to Spiritual guidance and direction. Let Life reveal itself to you, through you, as you.

I personally feel the moment, for the "Am" is always felt, as "I" wait with a receptive quiescent attitude of knowing I am being directed by Thy True Self within and as this Silent spaceless Cavity.

To reiterate for better comprehension; my state of being is ‘Speak Lord, thy servant heareth’, as "I" witness the moment "Am", patiently waiting for direction as a child would from their parent. Like I am watching everything in front of thee unfold, with a parent at my back directing me as I trustingly hold my heart and mind open to being moved. This is communion which eventually is felt and known as union.

When there is a sense of two, Ego – a personal sense of Being comes to life which acts like clouds do to the Sun. Clouds block and filter the Sun. When the I is gone and merged into the first the true, I Am, the Sun shines.

Union is when the two I am’s become One merging as the One Consciousness they are.

~ Love Tracy

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