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All the conscious mind is in totality is thought. One thought. This is its original and natural state of 'being'. It is the "I" of your being, through which Spirit makes itself known. It holds one's presence of being, one inner light.

However, and this is vitally important to understand - never confuse this I with one's true I. This 'I' was born in the image and IS an image of one's true self as Spirit. One's true "I". Identifying with this I - which is the vessel of Spirit, will cause one to fall into a false sense of self and reality. Identifying with the minds 'I' will bring about an egoic existence separate to one's true existence as Spirit. Identifying with the I that is the vessel of Spirit, rather than the I of Spirit itself, will cause one to fall into maya - illusion.

I am that I am is said to be the name of God. I am Spirit that I am mind. Identifying with mind will cause you to veil your true Self as Spirit. The second I am must always serve the first in utter stillness of being least it lose itself to illusion. If the second I am rises in thought, it cuts itself off from its true Self as Spirit. One is either guided by intuitive serendipity and synchronicity aka the Tree of Life or one is guided by the creation and taking of thought aka the Tree of Knowledge.

In the minds natural pristine state, the conscious mind (thought) remains in its temple of Awareness which constitutes the subconscious/present moment so that it may be present to make conscious the guidance given by its true self as Spirit. If the conscious mind has risen in thought, outside its temple, it will not be present to make conscious any guidance given from on High.

Understand, there is no thinker behind the egoic mind, deciding on thoughts or creating them. The thinker is the thought or mind itself that is like a runaway train with no driver. One thought simply creates another thought and so on and so forth. Spirit has nothing to do with this type of thought that is created outside the temple of one's being.

There is no Soul behind the conscious mind directing itself this way and that due to the mind's 'I' (its vessel) being outside the temple. The Soul is a knower, not a thinker. You will know what to do in the moment guidance is needed if you abide in thy Temple. If you do not, then you must think, measure, judge and discern with the limited vision of a branch cut off from the vine.

The subconscious houses or holds the door to the One Soul which is embodied by Spirit or door to Spirit. Spirit cannot work through the conscious mind without coming through the Soul first. Therefore, one must unify themselves as the minds 'I', with their Soul (Awareness) before being directed by Spirit consciously. Just as the babe in the mother's womb must know the mother before the father.

The part of mind/soul, which reincarnates, namely the subconscious, is the mother of all emotion. The upper end of the subconscious (the door to Spirit) always sits in a state of loving awareness that is guided by the intelligence of one's Soul/Spirit that upholds or breathes life into the body within the physical. The conscious mind however is a different story. It is directed by nothing but itself until it has aligned with its own subconscious awareness that sits in the moment - the moment being the door to both Soul and Spirit. The lower end of the subconscious, therefore, must first be healed and cleansed of the egoic impact of conscious mind from this lifetime such as redundant core beliefs and emotional habit patterns that no longer serve one.

Once the lower end of the subconscious is cleansed and at peace, the conscious mind will be able to rest within it, rather than escaping it through thought. The thinking mind is dispelled by paying attention completely to Present Moment Awareness. When thoughts are starved of attention, they wither away and die leaving only the original thought or state of mind which is 'Being'.

Once the conscious and subconscious minds have come together as one with no discrepancy between them in a state of profound meditation, one is ready to act as a channel for one's Spirit. With the flow of Spirit coming through our Inner I of being, we realize our true Self as Spirit and are never again subject to the mind. We have been liberated.

To reiterate and conclude, the conscious mind (the vessel of Spirit aka one's Inner I) must stop rising in thought and consciously attend its own Awareness (soul) subconsciously which is as I have said, part of the present moment which is the vessel for Soul. The conscious mind otherwise known as thought, must attend or bring attention to its own awareness which is held in the subconscious that always sits in and AS present moment Awareness. The subconscious/present moment awareness is our temple, and it is there we must always abide.

"We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body (the objectified outer world) and to be present with the Lord (Inner - Awareness/Soul)." - 2 Corinthians 5:8

~ Tracy Pierce

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