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The sense of I exist - or your sense of 'I am-ness' that you have......I want you to feel it now if you can - focus all your mind and heart (meaning feel it) on this I am-ness you have of existing. Can you isolate this experience of 'I am" ?

Meditate on this sense of 'I am-ness" that you have. This alone will lead you to experiencing your true Self as Spirit. This is the door and meditating on this 'I am-ness" is how you knock.

This practice is so simple that many over look how profound it is.

Yes, it will feel alien at first, yes it will not be comfortable as it is a habit of mind the mind is not familiar with, however the more you do it, the more the mind will rest in this I am-ness.

Quite simply, this is the way home. When you stare at the Abyss long enough, it stares back at you.

Do this for 10 minutes a day and watch your life transform...

Below is a video by Rupert Spira, which I highly recommend, that expands on the principle I am relaying here. It is only 14 minutes long.

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