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The mind will distort reality if it is not held in the right state.

When the true Self as Spirit (I) being Soul (Am), is not being ignored by the unconscious egoic mind, lost in the creations of its own false images’ aka thoughts, Spirit is free to live your life for you as 'the mind', bringing all the added things to fulfil your life purpose and keep you in perfect peace.

One day you will not identify as 'the mind' but as the Totality of Life living itself through and as mind.

The catalyst for this shift in Consciousness - going from knowing oneself as mind/body to being Spirit living through and as mind/body is the understanding and demonstration of the right state of mind. The Being mind over the thinking mind.

The mind will distort reality if it is not used in the correct manner. Therefore, understand the mind must be held in a state of being approximately 90% of the time, over a thinking state if one is to stay within reality and realize the Self Spiritually, that clearly is beyond the capability of the thinking mind aka the lower mind.

When I say 90%, I am talking about the moment rather than a period of time. Your Conscious mind, which is also your thinking mind, constitutes 10% of the total mind. The other 90% approximately is your subconscious which is not a thinker but a doer and is always in all ways in the moment as Awareness (Body of Consciousness mentally and spiritually). These percentages in my opinion point to how much the mind should be being (receiving) and how much it should be thinking or processing what is received intuitively and serendipitously.

This means one is in and as the moment 90% of the time while in receiving (Being) mode - present with the Lord so to speak or put another way, Conscious of being Awareness (Soul) whereupon one is made aware - one receives spiritual impressions through their particular mode of communication. For me it is claircognizance through writing. For you it maybe clairvoyance or clairaudience or both. It's just the same as some people being kinaesthetic learners and some being visual.

The deeper your Presence as the Conscious mind merges into the Awareness of the Moment aka Soul, the more you will realize your purpose for being here and your gifts or talents. As well as being provided with all the added things you need to bring that purpose to fruition.

After receiving true images from and as Spirit, the mind processes this Faith aka 'Knowing' into knowledge which takes approximately 10% of the moment, generally speaking. How Spirit talks to you is completely personal when discussing communion. Of course, when full realization is experienced, there is no communion at all as Union has taken place whereupon the illusion of two become One.

At the moment the mind is thinking 99% of the time when it is not sleeping. When the mind is not 'being' it is not in its Temple, it is not channelling its true Self Spiritually as Present (I) Moment Awareness (Am), therefore the images held in mind and false images created from the mental realm as opposed to true images given from the Spiritual realm via the 'being aka meditative' mind. In other words, you are demonstrating and manifesting life from the physical and mental realms of Effect, as opposed to the Spiritual Realm of Cause. You are only half living and of course this is demonstrated in the world today whereupon we see the absence of God aka true Self rather than the Presence of.

Be present as the Presence (God). Be life that lives itself as One of many. Be here now.

~ Tracy Pierce

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