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an you wear your mind and body like a costume without becoming too attached to it? What about the mind/bodies of your loved ones? Can you love them with the same loving and peaceful detachment?

Of course you can - IF - you knew, through having experienced this dimension of Being that is eternal and infinite as your true Self. One must KNOW themselves as Spirit, in the way they know themselves as Mind/Body if detachment to false attachments are to be realized. To realize the eternal Spiritual Consciousness we are beyond the Consciousness of Mind, gives us peace of mind for when the mind/body does comes to its natural end. Unfortunately we all falsely equate our existence with mind Consciousness which of course is only temporary - a temple for the eternal Consciousness.

If you have not realized your true and eternal existence as the Alpha beyond the limited consciousness of the Omega (Mind/body) then you are going to cling to life and the life of others with dear life. This is torturous way to live. It is no wonder half the world self-medicates. Life lived egoically is - well, doing hard time.

~ Tracy Pierce

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