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The true Self as Brahman (I) has projected itself into its own Soul (AM) as Atman (I). In turn Atman (I) projects his body into the one true Soul which is termed as the Human Soul (Am). So now we have 'I am that I am'

I Spirit Am Soul reflected/projected as I Atman Am Subconscious - which includes the Conscious Mind.

The body - the Soul - the 'Am' of Atman Aka Christ, Krishna, or Buddha (I) is the Conscious and Subconscious Mind. If Atman identifies with the Conscious Mind outside of the Subconscious Aka Present Moment, he misaligns and veils himself from his true Self as Brahman, from which he is a reflection or projection.

Your Subconscious Mind (And everyone else's) constitutes the Present Moment physically. The One true and eternal Soul (Embodied by the One true and eternal Self/Spirit) is what animates the Present Moment, therefore, to be completely present in the moment is to be completely present as the Presence of the Moment is to be Present in your own Soul as Witness.

The minute you take or create thoughts as the Conscious Mind unconscious of itself Spiritually is when you present in Maya and absent in your own Soul directed by your true Self as Spirit. Only as the Witness being 'Present Moment Awareness' can you be aligned with your own Soul.

Stay in the moment with an open heart - this will lead you back home to your true Self.

~ Love Tracy

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