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This is not done through thinking profoundly good and altruistic thoughts. Such thoughts will lead you to the well but will not allow you to drink from it. These good and altruistic thoughts are your idea of what is good. Your personal idea of what is good and altruistic for the whole and what is actually good and altruistic as a Whole, are two different realities altogether. Your idea of what is good for the whole is dual. Good as a whole is demonstrating Oneness.

It is easy to misidentify as being Mind Consciousness rather than Spiritual Consciousness when spiritually blind as one is a reflection of the other, but rest assured - one is a dream, the other is not. One is reality, the other is not. One is temporary, the other is not. One is personal, the other is not.

Mind Consciousness cannot raise itself. It must be raised by Spiritual Consciousness, and this can only be done through the Consciousness of Mind sitting it its own Soul of Awareness. Only through the Soul (mother) can the Son (Mind Consciousness) know the Father (Spiritual Consciousness) even though it was the Father (Spirit) that impregnated the Mother (Soul). This principle is also true at this level of being. The child in the mothers, womb, put there by the Father, can only know its Father, through the Mother. The son (Mind Consciousness) knows the mother (Awareness/Soul/Subconscious/Present Moment) before it knows its Father (Spirit).

May this understanding lighten your heart and guide you home in the reunion of the Holy Trinity of Father (Spiritual Consciousness) Mother (Soul Awareness) Son (Mind Consciousness).

~ Tracy Pierce

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