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When your I am-ness - your Consciousness of Mind (Your present sense of existence that believes it is only a mind/body aka Effect) is unconscious of its I am-ness of Spirit, the mind works against itself as Spirit. I am that I am instead of Being One Name becomes two in the Mind of Effect - the 2nd I am of 'I am that I am'.

If one's I am-ness as Mind and Spirit are not aligned due to the mind being unconscious of itself Spiritually, they work against each other. Spirit is busy being Effect, shining it light in and through the Mind that in turn reveals the perfect Life. Mind being unconscious of itself as Spirit does not let this light flow through itself unfiltered as, being unconscious of itself as Spirit - being only conscious of itself, it has risen in thought in the creation of what it believes is the perfect Life - which of course misaligns it with its true Life and purpose for being. Chaos ensues as a consequence. A mixed bag of results that leave the weary traveller shocked, surprised and confused.

For example, your true Self has built you over many lifetimes for a certain Soul mate (everyone is a soul mate) to be together, creating whatever the two of you together creates whether it is a business or children etc. Having a mind of your own that is not conscious of itself Spiritually, you will decide in your ignorance, that you would prefer another person over what you chose for yourself as Spirit, before your incarnation. Before the beginning of time. Therefore, you actively work against yourself - you divide your house so to speak.

A house divided against itself always falls. Life will always work with and as Spirit and always against the Mind cut off from its Source. So, if Life is not flowing effortlessly forward in your favour, allowing you to be at peace with yourself as the world around you, then I would seriously consider asking myself if I am aligned and conscious of my truth? Am I living in and as the reality of Cause being Effect? Or am I deluded as Effect thinking I am Cause in moving and creating different scenarios in Effect?

Life does not bode well when the Mind mistakes itself as Cause, when in truth is actually Effect. Just like the body only less dense - more evanescent. There are a lot more dimensions for the Mind/body to discover besides what the rudimentary sense attest too. The line between the visible and invisible is always being pushed further. Make no mistake though, irrespective of our ability to truly know the Mind - it is Effect. How do I know? Because it is measurable. That which is immeasurable is our true Self.

Spirit is Cause - Mind/body is Effect. Together they are life living itself. Apart Effect creates within and as Effect - creating quite a mess physically and mentally. Cause knows nothing of it as reality and delusion never meet. The Law of Karma is our guide until the Temple is prepared enough for the coming of the Lord aka the Holy Ghost aka Intuition.

The mind must go from being active to inactive. In its own stillness and silence the true Self is revealed, changing everything within the mind - making all the crooked places straight - healing the sick etc etc. When illusion is dispelled, reality is revealed.

Clearly this requires the cessation of thought, which you as Mind cannot do. One as thought (mind) cannot stop thought (mind). Your will - will serve both and you never know which one when you wake up in the morning lol.

All you can do is focus the mind intently on yourself (Thy Self) as Awareness - which is not an object but an activity. This makes it hard to begin with because we as mind are not used to being unobjective lol. We are subject even to ourselves. Therefore, you as Mind Consciousness - as thought must hold your focus in and as Awareness. Focus so much that you notice nothing else. This is the same principle as when you are listening to someone intently. You cannot think when you are listening intently. You are too focused and still mentally, listening, to rise in any kind of thought.

This discipline (being a disciple) forces the Conscious Mind (Thought) to firstly become Conscious of itself as the Subconscious which in turn forces it to address emotional issues and core beliefs (Vasana's) that cause the mind to rise in thought. This is not easy. You must address all that you have suppressed and made unconscious - all that is painful and shocking. Once the emotional body is at rest the mind as a whole can rest in peace. The I of the Conscious Mind settles down the Am of the Subconscious, allowing the mind as a whole to expand in Conscious Awareness.

After the Subconscious has been purified, one begins to know themselves as the Incarnate Soul behind the expression of the physical form. This too is a vessel so there is still further to go in the realization of Self. The Incarnate Soul is what you will know yourself as after death. You could at this time speak with loved ones who have passed.

Behind the Incarnate Soul which is the vessel being prepared via Karmic experience for the I am-ness of Spirit to enter the I am-ness of Mind, is the One true Soul itself. Actually, it is not even behind it. One simply becomes more aware of the differentiations of Soul until all differentiation is lost and reality seen as it is without the mind filtering it in any way.

~ Tracy Pierce

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