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The mind must be kept open. Thinking closes it. That about sums up the entire principle of practicing the presence, aka meditation, in a nutshell.

You are not the mind, so stop thinking you are. Stop using it to create life. It is not a creator of Life. It is a receiver and revealer of Life in the physical. If your mind is closed due to thinking, then you will be forced to create life from the mental realm as opposed to holding an open mind that receives Spiritual information. You as Spirit are a creator of the truth. As mind you are not. The mind merely creates mental images given from Spirit to manifest in the physical. That is not creating - that is copying. As it should be.

Spirit is a creator of truth, and you are Spirit. Which means nothing until you have an experiential realization of this, which you will have once you have found sound enough reason to stop thinking and start being in the moment, which is always open to spiritual guidance.

This means going through the dark night of the Soul, where you no longer have a personal sense of Self, but have no awareness or experience of actually being of the Spiritual Realm. It's akin to no man's land. However, by then you will have enough faith to make it until morning. And morning does come, as sure as the sun rises and sets,

Think of the mind as a lamp. The mind can either shine its light on Spirit by staying unleavened or meditative - thereby giving life to the Spiritual realm or it can shine its light on its thoughts about the physical realm, giving life to what already is - in other words - a skewed recreation rather than creation.

The subconscious contains the door to the Spiritual realms as it lives squarely in the present moment, so if the conscious mind is not partnered with it in the creation of thought, then it is thinking amiss. One is giving life to false images - images made outside Awareness - as the conscious mind is a life giver not a life producer. Nor creator. Spirit creates. The subconscious produces. The conscious mind gives life by virtue of where it is present. If it is not present in the creation or production of life, then it is present in its own illusion - maya. Its idea about life rather than life itself.

If you want to serve the spiritual realm as Spirit, then keep the conscious mind be still mentally as ONE thought and at peace emotionally, so that when the Prince of Peace visits you with your daily bread, it you will be there to receive it. To become conscious of it. You cannot be conscious of what is given to you intuitively if you are absent in the temple of Awareness (the subconscious and present moment) where our daily bread is received.

If you want to serve the mental realm that is dualistic, limited, and untamed without a master, aka Spirit, then carry on thinking incessantly. Keep your presence in thought. If the mind is what you choose to give your life and presence to then rise and rise again in one thought after another. Eventually your thoughts will reveal themselves to be an imposter of the Real. The mind you will discover is more foe than friend. It will eternally kiss you on one cheek while slapping you on the other.

Should you choose to serve the Spirit realm then hold the mind as a single thought that is conscious in the awareness of Self and the moment. The Incarnate Soul aka Self or subconscious must be at peace emotionally before one can be truly, relaxed, peaceful, quiescent, and intuitively receptive as conscious awareness. Once one has practice holding the mind in meditation it will become easy and effortless due to the subconscious making sure of that initially, due to her ability to form habits that holds the conscious mind steadfast and focused. The subconscious holds the mind steady, until after the marriage of mind (reflected Awareness) and Soul, (true awareness) when two become one. Then the Soul takes over raising the mind up.

Perhaps you, as many do, like to think of the mind as a Temple. If so, then do not let this temple become more than one room. Do not let it rise into being a temple that has two, three, or five hundred rooms, for you will lose yourself in them. Then when Spirit comes to guide you, you will not be present, but lost in one of many other rooms - outside of the now where Spirit lives.

This is, in principle how the mind works. If your presence is in thought, then it is not available to be present and aware of anything outside of thought. Which is basically everything. It is our reality. Our reality of Spirit being Soul, Now, as Life in Reality. None of these things can find you when you hide yourself away in thoughts.

Therefore, stop thinking - Stay. Be here now. Let the mind be open and receptive, still and quiescent while Spirit intuitively acts upon you through ones tender loving Soul that also guides one through instinct, synchronicity and serendipity. Together, as One Spirit being Soul, they will lead you to your highest purpose in this life, while providing all the added things needed to fulfil this purpose.

~ Tracy Pierce

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