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The mind and body, with no awareness of its true Self, refers to itself as 'I am'. However, the mind/body is the false I am, the false persona that we create a fictional back story of through the thinking mind. The mind and body in reality are the avatar of the I AM in and of Spirit (I) being Soul (Am). Your true Self - your true I AM. Or you might say the mind and body is the mirror (reflection) of Spirit (I) being Soul (Am). If the true Spirit being Soul is 'I am' it would seem only natural for its son or reflection to all know itself as 'I am" also, hence Gods name: I am that I am. There is not one person alive who does not refer to themselves as God, as I am. However, God is not a person but the Spirit operating through the person, and it is this Spirit we must know and identify with, if we are to live in reality rather than an illusion of reality, created by a mind cut off from its true Self.

It is quite clear to see how one can become so confused about our true identity. There being two 'I am's - two apparent identities. I am Spirit that I am mind. The impersonal self which is the true Self and the personal Self which is the One impersonal Spirit being many personal selves. When we identify with the form rather than the formless one behind it, we limit ourselves to that form. We live and we die as all forms do - worse yet we live in fear of that death either for ourselves or our loved ones. However, in identifying ourselves with the One Supreme Being, we know life as eternal. The mental and physical realms where form is a reality, we know to be merely costumes, parts we play for a time on the world stage.

We were taught as children to identify as form, to think for ourselves. We are told to look in the mirror and identify with what we see. Naturally this is the blind leading the blind. Of course, as soon as we took thought, we formed a personal sense of self that cut us off from our true Self as Spirit. By taking or following after thought, we immediately left our Temple of Present Moment Awareness which our subconscious sits in, in order to be guided from On High and fell into the illusionary world of thoughts/feelings and forms in which we personified and identified with the 'mind/body' due to being ignorant (unconscious) of our true Self that is impersonal.

Thoughts and feelings created outside our Temple of Present (I) Moment Awareness (Am) are called false images and unnatural emotions aka desires for they were not born of Spirit but of a mind cut off from its Source. When you have everything because you ARE everything, you desire nothing. Only those who do not know their true Self desire. There is nothing worse than the insatiability of desire. Of wanting and not having. It is an unnecessary evil that is the mother of all evil.

Personal (Egoic) thoughts and emotions veil the true Self due to one's I am-ness aka Consciousness being absent in its Temple, where the true Self becomes known. The Temple is both one's subconscious and the Present Moment, which are basically one and the same thing, for all is Mind. Instead, our Consciousness, our sense of Life, is present in thought conjured up by itself as mind, which is not reality but an illusion of it. The mind cannot be in two places at once. It is either attending - giving attention to Spirit or itself. Either it is in its Temple awaiting direction from its true Self as Spirit or it is in its own delusional thoughts, manifesting life from the Mental Realm as opposed to revealing life from the Spiritual Realm. Remember the minds' true purpose is not to create life but to reveal it as an instrument of Thy Peace. The conscious mind distracted by its own thoughts and emotions, as well as their false physical manifestations, fails to become conscious of its own Awareness behind its thoughts/feelings and their forms. This Awareness of being has many different levels which our Consciousness expands into.

Firstly, we encounter the Awareness of the subconscious which, when combined with our Presence becomes Present (I) Moment Awareness (Am). The subconscious is a vessel or reflection for the Incarnate Awareness aka Soul-Mind, which we know ourselves as when we have given up the physical body. Beyond this is the Awareness aka Incarnating Mind-Soul, is the true Awareness of Soul, that is One with and an expression of the true Self as Spirit.

The ego and its thoughts are like a den of thieves that rob our Consciousness, our attention, giving life to these so-called abominations, in the physical instead of giving life to the true Self as Spirit, through our attention (attending) or being Present in our Temple of Present Moment Awareness. Bear in mind that whatever you become conscious of, you give life too for Consciousness is innately creative.

It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves. - Matthew 21:13

Mind Consciousness (Personal) needs to know or realize itself as Spiritual Consciousness (Impersonal) that lives in the Now. This can only be done through being/becoming Awareness aka the subconscious, Incarnate Mind-Soul and the true Soul which all constitute Present Moment Awareness Aka Now. When one is present in thought, one is absent in one's temple of Being Awareness. Instead, of our Consciousness being used by Spirit as an instrument of Thy Peace, it is given to the creation of thought created by mind working from the mental realm of opposites, which is completely unconscious of itself Spiritually. This is why our world reflects the ego rather than God aka true Self. This is why atrocities, war and famine are present in our physical reality. It is because God in the presence of the ego. The only way God aka true Self in and of Spirit can come fully into the world is through having a consciousness to work through.

Of course, the true Self is not entirely absent. If this were the case, no heart would be beating, no sun or moon would light the sky. The subconscious mind serves not only one's Incarnate Consciousness but also the Consciousness of Spirit by degree and decree. Life will reveal itself through a quiescent and still mind that has surrendered its personal identity to its true Self. It is not a matter of creating a better world but of getting ourselves as ego out the way so that life as it is can be restored back to its original state.

Therefore, do not be confused any longer about the personal self and the true Self that is impersonal. Understand the difference and with that understanding, know to consciously attend your Temple of Present Moment Awareness.

The phrase "I am that I am" can be seen as thus:

I Spirit Am Soul that I Conscious Mind Am Subconscious Mind. Or I am (Spirit/true) that I am (mind/false) or again, I am Spirit that I am a mirror to Spirit. Basically, the mind is the physical manifestation of the Incarnate Mind- Soul, which is an Effect of One's true Self as Cause - which is the One true Spirit (I) being Soul (am).

Do you see? Due to misidentifying with mind, with the thoughts, feelings, and physical manifestations of the egoic mind, - due to identifying with a reflection of Spirit rather than Spirit itself, we have misused mind. We as mind, have started creating life from the mental realm as opposed to revealing it from the Spiritual Realm. We have done this because we do not know ourselves Spiritually. When we do, the mind will be used as an instrument of Thy Peace, rather than a personal self-serving instrument, that is often used to the detriment of the Whole. If we were in our right mind, directed by our true Self Spiritually, you would not see all our animals becoming extinct, you would not see the planet suffering from over commercialism, you would not see brother set against brother. You would instead see, the world working together as One for the good of one and all.

To conclude, we see in Realization of the Self, that the personal I casts of the personal identification of I am the mind and body, yet remains the I Am of Spirit that is actually the totality of Life living itself, in which Effect is the perfect reflection of Cause. Having realized Mind Consciousness is not Spiritual Consciousness they have surrendered their Consciousness as Mind to the One Consciousness of Spirit. Mind Consciousness is a vessel that is empty or devoid of the Holy Ghost aka Intuition until Self- Realization, when the two I am's come together as One and the mind is directed by Spirit as opposed to directing itself. I am Spirit flowing through the mind and body as a blessing to all creatures great and small. The difference between one who is realized and one who is not, is that the one realizes and identifies as being Spirit, sits in a state of being, allowing the mind to be used as an instrument of Peace, while the other identifies as Mind, alternatively using the mind and being used by it.

~ Tracy Pierce

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