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Until you get the point of being tired of your own thoughts and feelings, you will not question the validity of them, nor see how they are leading you astray from your best life as well as realizing the ultimate truth of your Being. Your mind has convinced you that you must create your life, but your mind is wrong. It is a liar from way back and not to be trusted – dual minded creature that it is. It betrays itself daily and would most assuredly have no trouble in betraying people it sees as apart from oneself rather than a part of oneself. The world as it is today and throughout history is testimony to this.

There will come a day when you question where your thoughts come from, the amount of truth or lies in them & how, where, and why they are created. This is the beginning of the end for the egoic mind which thrives on ignorance – lack of conscious awareness.

After thoroughly investigating, you will realize thought comes from the Inner I Aka Conscious Mind itself. It rises in response to both outside stimuli as well as unrest within the Subconscious rather than resting within it as it should do. This Inner I when it rises does not do so because it was inspired by its true Self as Spiritual Consciousness, but because it has no awareness of Spirit, therefore starts to direct its own life devoid of Spiritual vision.

" The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." - Matthew 6:22

If the I - not eye - but I (Sense of existence Aka I am-ness) is single Aka meditation, the body and mind will be full of light Aka true Consciousness or Self.

All the thoughts that our minds create go into a collective pool we call the Universal Mind or the Matrix. This is the second way thought comes to us, other than creating them ourselves with our Inner I which is what we associate our existence with. Like attracts like, therefore, our thoughts will attract like thoughts within the ether of the Universe. In your ignorance you will believe all thoughts are self-created. They are not. You belong to the One mind the way a brain cell is one of many within the One Mind. There is only One Mind, One Soul and One Spirit. Separation is the greatest illusion of all time. There is no truth in it. You are a part of life, not apart from it. You don't have a life - you are life. It may, in illusion appear as if you are present in the moment, however the truth is you are the Presence of it.

The only way out of the matrix, that tells us there is truth in separation, limitation, as well as the false understanding that our existence relies on the mind and body is to cease taking and creating thought. Once thoughts and feelings are no longer there to distract your consciousness, your true and eternal Consciousness will be revealed. Once you are conscious of thy true Self Spiritually, you will be able to bring forth the fruits of Spirit into the physical world. Gifts such as peace of mind and body, synchronicity, serendipity, clairvoyance, claircognizance, mediumship, clairsentience etc.

~ Tracy Pierce

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