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I am that I am. I am (Cause - Spirit) that I am (Effect - Mind/body).

I am Spirit that I am Mind/body. I am that I am is our true name.

These two I am's MUST be of the same mind and have the same will. They must be aligned as One because we all know the belief in two powers is an illusion and the cause of all hell on earth.

To reiterate this very important principle: Cause and Effect MUST have the same mind, the same will, otherwise Effect (mind/body) will be like a cancer is in the body, doing its own thing at the expense of the whole. It will see itself as separate to the whole (will not recognize the earth or its brothers and sisters as a part of its mind/body. It will feel it has a life apart from the whole, rather than knowing it is a part of the whole. The ego like a cancer cell has a mind and will of its own. This is living outside the Law of Oneness.

People often confuse Effect - Mind/body with being an illusion. It is only illusion in the sense that all forms Effect assumes is temporary, so the illusion of you being a particular form, such as the different forms (mind/body) you assume every time you incarnate, is an illusion of sorts, but it is not a delusion. Delusion is Maya. Delusion is when you do not realize you are as Effect (mind/body) an illusion due to not knowing Thy Self as Cause (Spirit).

To reiterate again, never confuse the two concepts of illusion. The illusion of Effect is not really an illusion. It is called that because the forms Effect assumes are temporary (Temple). But it is part of the true Self being Effect. Cause and Effect are One. It is not Maya even though it is Illusion. Maya is delusion and the belief in two powers due to Effect being ignorant of itself as Cause. Effect ignorant of itself as Cause, starts to believe the temporary illusional form it has assumed is its true Self, therefore develops a mind and will of its own outside of its true Self as Cause.

Maya - the real illusion aka delusion is Effect unconscious of itself as Cause, therefore the mind uses itself as Cause and starts creating a life via thinking with a will of its own - a will that is not in alignment with the true Self as Cause/Spirit because it is unconscious of itself in this way. It believes it has a will and life of its own separate to itself as Cause, therefore, superimposes these false images (Egoic thoughts) onto the physical world. Hence why we see Hell demonstrated on earth.

The Being mind aligns Cause and Effect. The thinking mind separates them.

The only way to fix this false idea that we have a mind and will of our own due to only knowing ourselves as Effect, is to hold a Being mind, over a thinking mind. Once the thinking mind settles down into its right state of mind, healing happens automatically. Just as the body heals itself once you stop corrupting it with wrong behaviour. Being happens by default once thinking ceases.

To reiterate, the ego is Effect aka mind/body unconscious of itself as Spirit, therefore, lives life as if it is the true Cause. It is not. Spirit is and this is what the mind and body must surrender too.

It is only at this point in our evolution that we are as a species becoming conscious of ourselves as Cause. Up until this time we have only known ourselves as Effect - believing mind was Cause and the body effect. No - the mind and body are both Effect, while Spirit is Cause. The Being mind, will give us the experience of being Cause living through the Effect of mind/body.

Even though there have been the few throughout history that have realized themselves as Cause such as Jesus Buddha Lao Tzu etc, for the most part most have not. We are however at the very beginning of the great awakening and our generation are the ones to usher it in. This is why you will see so many like me, making clear what heretofore was unclear metaphysically.

~ Tracy Pierce

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