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The difference between illusion delusion maya and real.

Reality is the Unmanifest Nonconceptual Consciousness of Spirt being Undifferentiated Awareness that is Soul. I Spirit Am Soul. Beyond the mind to conceptualize. What is unlimited can never be understood by that which is limited.

Therefore, when we say God's name or the true Self's name: I am that I am, we are speaking of the eternal Self and its temporary Temple born in its image.

The first I am is the true eternal infinite Self which is still, silent, unchanging omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience - the Alpha. This is reality for when all else falls away, this is your final state of Being that never changes and is never affected by effect. Rather it affects effect.

The second I am is the temporary Temple not made with hands. In its pure state is is the true Self living through the Buddha or Christ Mind. It is the I am of Mind - I conscious Mind Am the Subconscious Mind. This is illusion - the Omega. It is illusion because the Omega - though infinite and eternal like its maker or creator - the Alpha, is constantly becoming. It is constantly morphing into different shapes and forms etc. Never does it stay the same. It's only constant is change. It is sometimes referred to in biblical terms as the "Word'.

The The Christ or Buddha Mind is facing Brahman Aka true Self, we are living in heaven consciousness. If the Christ or Buddha Mind is facing the Mind it becomes the ego.

Delusion is when the true Self falls from Grace, putting on limitations of the Omega. It forgets itself and identifies with and as the Mind, so instead of being conscious OF the mind as Spirit, it becomes conscious AS the mind which veils Spirit. Spirit is veil because the unconscious Spirit misidentifying with mind must take or create though to live, which takes it out of its Present Moment Temple where Faith/Intuition/Claircognizance/Knowing is attained. Therefore, we live by the tree of good and evil - of knowledge rather than the tree of life. This is the delusion within illusion. Delusion is often referred to as Maya.

~ Love Tracy

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