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All is Mind. You may have heard this before from one notable scientist, metaphysician, or another, therefore, I will reason why that is and how this could be...

The Conscious Mind is what we use to think with. When we say 'I" this is what we are referring to. It constitutes approximately 5-10% of our mind. It is often referred to as the Inner I or the I-thought, from which all thought Springs. It is what we use to create thought and what we identify our existence with. Meditate on your sense of 'I am' or 'I exist' and feel your 'Presence of Being' this. The Conscious Mind is needed to make all things Conscious. It is our Light that illuminates and gives life too. It is the vessel or reflection of our true Self as Spirit. Our true intelligence that can only really be known or rather not known as 'Nonconceptual Consciousness'. In the same vein, the Subconscious Mind is a vessel or reflection of our true Body as Awareness Aka Soul.

Your sense of existence also extends to and as the Awareness of the Subconscious. The Subconscious is our 'Am-ness" which constitutes the total activity of our Conscious Mind to date. In fact, it is the total activity of all our lives to date. The Subconscious is what Professor Hud Hudson terms 'The True Mind' for it is constitutes 90-95% of our mind as well as being what reincarnates lifetime after lifetime, while the true Self as the Alpha moulds it into the perfect Instrument of Peace for it to flow through and as. The Conscious Mind which we just discussed earlier rolls out of the Subconscious Mind as the Witness, like a wave does the sea. This is how and why we are 'Self Aware'. Self being the Conscious Mind and Aware being the Subconscious Mind. ‘

The Subconscious, which is responsible for all manifestation, serves not only the Conscious Mind from which we gain our sense of existence from but also unbeknown consciously to us, the true Self as the Unmanifest Alpha. If this was not so, we would not be able to breathe nor maintain a heartbeat. The Conscious mind certainly does not digest or eliminate food, breathe for us, regulate our body temperature, maintain a heartbeat, or react without thinking such as when something unexpected occurs. It is our true Self as the Unmanifest Alpha that maintains our Life, as well as what ends it in the physical. The Mind and Body (Omega) in and of themselves are but a dead work without Cause aka the Unmanifest Alpha maintaining and guiding them as Effect/Omega. We are not as the Conscious Mind, conscious of this occurring hence why we mistake ourselves as the creator of our lives, rather than the Witness. We as the Conscious Mind, are meant to be the Witness only. That which reveals life, not that which creates it. If we do create it (and we do) we create a mess. Our creations are akin to a 5-year-old scribbling all over Michael Angelo’s work. The minute we cease creating thought, life starts to heal itself by default. This is why Jesus said, 'Resist Not'. Resist not the present moment by taking or creating thought.

The Mind was born in the image of the true Self. You could say that the mind is the manifest mini-me of the Unmanifest true Self which is I Spirit Am Soul. Therefore, I Spirit Am Soul that I Conscious Mind Am Subconscious Mind. I am that I am. This is the Alpha (true Self) reflecting itself as the Omega (Mind). The Mind in its Egoic form is the reason why the Mind as Manifested Effect does not perfectly reflect the true Self as Unmanifested Cause. The Egoic Mind is Satan, and the true Mind is the Christ or Buddha Mind. The Egoic Mind creates thought while the true Mind receives it from its true Self as Cause or the Alpha.

When the Conscious Mind comes together as One - in other words when the I sits in the Am, the whole Mind serves as a Temple for the true Self - the Alpha being the Omega. The ONLY way for the 'I' and the 'Am' of our Being can come together and work as One is as Present (I) moment Awareness (Am). The 'I' must stay in the 'Am' aka Present Moment, rather than rising out of the Am or Present Moment in thoughts it has created itself. If our Presence of being is in our thoughts, then we give life to our thoughts, rather than the true images to the Alpha flowing through the Subconscious which in turn manifests in the physical.

When the Conscious Mind sits quietly and quiescently in the Subconscious (Am) as the Witness, it gives life to the true images flowing through it as the Unmanifest Alpha. It becomes Conscious of its true Self as the Unmanifest Alpha that guides its life in the physical, ensuring one's life purpose is lived for the benefit and joy of not only the individual I but also the One true I of all being. This is living in alignment Aka living under and as Grace whereupon the Alpha is perfectly reflected in the Omega.

When the Conscious Mind rises in itself, using its own Consciousness as Mind to create thought, it creates false images not born of the Alpha but born of the Omega. This is Effect creating Effect rather than Cause creating Effect. The bible warns against this in many biblical verses such as this; "Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman. It is a detestable sin." - Leviticus 18:22. The Conscious Mind is termed male (Yang) while the Subconscious Mind is termed female (Yin). The Conscious Mind must not create life through itself by conjuring thought with its own Consciousness, for to do so is termed a detestable act that ends in the creation of abominations such as separation, limitation, war, disease etc. The Conscious Mind must ONLY mate and give life to the female aspect of its Being Aka Subconscious through which the true Self as the Unmanifest Alpha flows. Can you see that the bible was not referring to same sex relationships in the physical? It was referring ONLY to the male energy of the Conscious Mind creating life through itself rather than the female (Yin) aspect of its Being.

There is a huge difference between thought given and thought taken. Thought taken is created by Mind Consciousness as the Omega while unconscious of itself as the Alpha. Thought given is created by Spiritual Consciousness as the Alpha and received by Mind Consciousness as the Omega (Effect). Thought given creates heaven upon the earth. Thought taken creates hell. Hell is the Omega ignorant of itself as the Alpha. The only way for the Alpha and Omega to align is through the Present Moment.

Everyone's Subconscious collectively is the Present Moment. Everything you experience in the Present Moment is a reflection of your Subconscious. For example, the mess in your house could be a reflection of the mess in your mind. The Conscious Mind Aka our thought/s is the Witness that is either present in this moment or absent due to being in its own thoughts that of course will impact the present moment. If thought is given from one's true Self as the Alpha due to the Conscious Mind being present in and as the moment, then this is not a problem. If our thoughts or sense of self is absent in the moment due to being present in our own thoughts as the Conscious Mind rather than being Present in our Subconscious/Present Moment, then they are very much a problem for ourselves and everyone else sharing our reality for the Conscious Mind (Yang) will impregnate the Subconscious (Yin) with false images that were not created by the Alpha but the Omega, therefore, will defile the Temple - our physical world.

If the true images of the Alpha are flowing through the Subconscious to create a perfect world, the Conscious Mind can either be its witness as the Buddha or Christ Mind or it can create its own thoughts that resist this perfect life, superimposing its own idea of life onto the world stage.

Your Subconscious is your part of that Present Moment. The physical world as you know it is everyone's Subconscious mind in totality. This includes all that is unconscious within the Subconscious of not just you but everyone. Hence why life for all of us is often surprising or shocking. If you have an unconscious belief that you are not worthy you will unconsciously manifest this belief in people and experiences that do not value, you in the physical world. Likewise, if you believe you deserve everything, this is what you will manifest. You will also experience what is in other people's Subconscious, for we live in a hive mind. Particularly experiences that play into yours for as Einstein pointed out - everything has an equal and opposite reaction. The hero will attract the villain for all must play their part.

Due to the Conscious Mind being ignorant of itself superconscious and subconsciously, the physical world aka life is the only way for it to become conscious of itself. The Subconscious will project into the physical world all that we are conscious and unconscious of. This is how we make conscious all that is unconscious. At least egoically. The Ego, which is the Inner I, which takes thought rather than meditatively receiving it, becomes more conscious though the eyes of flesh that inform it - making it more Conscious. Alternatively, the true Mind is made more conscious by the Spiritual I which guides it. Life is all about becoming more conscious thought development of the mind. The Egoic way of life eventually gives way to the true Life, through the right understanding and by holding the right state of mind which is meditative.

In order to gain our Spiritual connection and sight back again, we must make conscious all that is unconscious, by ensuring our I is in our Am which as already explain is our part of the Present Moment collectively. In other words, you must bring the fractured Conscious and Subconscious Minds back together as One through meditation/mindfulness, in order to be a channel for your true Unmanifest Self as the Alpha. The I of mind cannot be in its Am (Present Moment) if it is in its own thoughts Aka Maya (The delusion of illusion). Until the Subconscious Mind has been healed, tempered and purified this cannot happen.

The Conscious Mind will not sit long in the Subconscious Temple aka Present Moment, if it is as the Present Moment is in a state of Hell. The Conscious Mind will not rest in peace until the Subconscious is purified and healed through the negating of all Vasana's that represent our Karma. Vasanas are core beliefs that have developed due to the egoic state of mind in this lifetime and others. Therefore, to begin with shadow work such as psychology, counselling and the like is necessary until the mind is calm enough to gain the right understanding of first principles and the ability to practice mindfulness which is the Conscious Mind attending with its attention the Awareness of the Subconscious. In doing so one becomes conscious of themselves as Awareness first subconsciously and as the present moment and then as the Soul itself. The Soul which is the Am of the Unmanifest Alpha can NEVER be the Omega, however there is a point where the Omega and the Alpha touch. This is termed biblically as touching the hem of Christs gown.

~ Tracy Pierce

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