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You are Undifferentiated Awareness (Soul), being Nonconceptual Consciousness (Spirit). This is true.

(I) Spirit (Am) Soul is the true Self.

The mind reflects this truth. The mind is the reflection of the true Self - born in its image. Therefore, we as mind, as a reflection of our true Self, also refer to ourselves as 'I am', giving Truth, God, Spirit, etc, the name 'I am that I am'. Within the one is two.

The conscious mind is a vessel - a focal point (one of many) of Spirit, while the subconscious mind is a vessel, reflection and representation of Soul.

When the conscious mind is still, quiescent, and intuitively receptive, it will attend (bring attention too) the subconscious which is the door to Soul (Am), which is directed by Spirit (I). In this manner the two "I am's" come into alignment with each other and become One. This is heaven consciousness, which brings to the physical world its like.

If the mind attends to its own creation of thought, it is absent in the temple of Now, which is the subconscious leading to the fullness of Soul, that is guided by Spirit. In other words, no one is home to receive intuition and the gifts of Spirit. One is led instead by the smaller I am - the false one pretending to be the true I AM in and of Spirit. To lose one's self, one's mind to thought instead of Spirit, is to live in hell consciousness, which brings to the physical world its like


Where do you abide? Heaven or hell?

~ Tracy Pierce

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