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The mind is thought itself. The mind is not full of thoughts, rather it IS thought. That is all the conscious mind is. Thought. In its original and pristine form, it is ONE thought. In its egoic state it rises into many thoughts. They are legion and they will haunt you.

"Then Jesus asked him, “What is your name?” “My name is Legion,” he replied, “for we are many.” - Mark 5:9

Now there is nothing wrong, at this point in our evolution with having plural thoughts a small percentage of the time. In fact, it is necessary to living. Knowing must be at times, analysed and converted into knowledge. Plural thought should occupy our mind approximately five to ten percent of the time. Not ninety-five percent of the time as it does now. We lose our connection to the Spiritual Realm when we think more than this. We lose conscious awareness and awareness is everything. It is our true Self as Soul within Spirit.

One cannot expel thought per se as that would simply be one thought trying to overpower another. One cannot end the mind with the mind.

What we must do instead is revert back to the original state of mind which is a single thought of Being by staying as deeply present in the moment as possible. The aim is to be so deep in the moment that we become Present Moment Awareness itself. The conscious mind (I) comes together as one with the awareness of the subconscious (am), which creates a channel for the true I AM to guide us as the minds 'I am' intuitively.

One conscious thought is equal to a heartfelt awareness. Attention when focused in a one-pointed manner becomes the Awareness that is used to merge with our true Self as Soul Awareness. Therefore, in order to get rid of incessant thinking one must hold a single thought. This is done by holding our focused Awareness not in the Now but AS the Now, in which we are intuitively receptive while outwardly apperceptive (outside thought).

Some like to start holding their focus on their breath, some a candle. Some begin with practicing mindfulness and keeping their mind in the present moment as much as possible. Some begin standing sentry at the door of their consciousness, only allowing thoughts that pertain to the present moment through. All thoughts regarding the past or present and disregarded. Eventually even present moment judgments are left behind. What we are doing is practicing the art of being conscious of being Awareness - of cleaving to the Soul, rather than having consciousness (our I am-ness) lost to thought that rises by itself like a runaway train. Understand that the thoughts that rise in mind are not inspired by the Spiritual realm at all. No - one thought is causing another to rise. One thought plays the part of Soul and the other as Mind. It is all an illusion.

We become conscious of being the awareness or Soul in and of the moment. In holding a single thought, all other thoughts are starved of attention. Like people who are starved of attention, sooner or later they go away and stop bothering us. Once the mind learns to settle down instead of rising in thought, it will become a habit. The subconscious will accept that this is our new way of being rather than thinking. Once meditation is effortless and constant one is said to be liberated from the mind having realized the true Self as Spirit.

I know it seems ludicrous to have to practice being our true Self but there you have it. The egoic mind is an imposter - a false sense of identity. You are not the mind; thought you do have one. This is the understanding you must have. You must identify knowingly as Spirit. Unfortunately, when we fall from Grace and are born in the physical, we come out of alignment through being taught to 'think' for ourselves. This teaches us to identify as form. Pretty soon we forget ourselves as Spirit. Instead of identifying as the Consciousness that inhabits the consciousness of the vessel or avatar, we identify as the vessel or avatar itself and lose our Spiritual vision and power.

The way back home then is to unthink which is aka BEING. Being is the new thinking.

~ Tracy Pierce

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