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Satan is another word for ego. Ego is a mind that is unaware of its true Self or Being. It is seemingly divorced from its own innate Truth. Satan is the conscious mind that is unaware of itself as Soul aka Awareness, which is the activity of true Consciousness. Due to the mind and body being unconscious of itself Spiritually, it misuses - abuses the mind through misidentifying with it. Rather than revealing the truth by holding a state of being -meditation, it starts creating the truth via thinking. Judging. Hustling.

The egoic mind, unconscious of its own Soul, creates thought in and of itself, rather than being guided intuitively by Spirit. It has to. It is not conscious of itself Spiritually, therefore, believes it must create its life rather than reveal it. The conscious mind cannot be guided by something it is not conscious of. The mind cannot think what it does not know. A mind that creates without the light of Soul Being Spirit, creates a hell of mess here on earth for everyone including themselves. This is because they are creating from limitation, duality, and separation. I say limitation because it can only see life from its own personal perspective. If one knew themselves as Spirit, they could see life from everyone's perspective for as Spirit, we are One. I say dual because the mind cannot know what good is if it does not have an idea of what is bad. Therefore, the mind holds both good and bad within mind in order to live. And we all know that what is held in mind will be held in the body and the body of the world eventually. This means our greatest joy will also be our greatest sorrow. It is inescapable. I say separation because when one is separated from their Source, their Cause, from their Spirit, they feel a sense of separation to all creatures great and small, including the planet. It is only in Spirit we are conscious of our true Oneness of Being.

The egoic mind is like an untamed animal that lives in separation from its Source. A literal rebel without a Cause. It cannot tame itself as one thought cannot control another thought or long. Ask any addict of any addiction - even what people label 'good' addictions. The master of the house (Spirit) is to the Conscious Mind aka thought is absent. This is unfortunate as the only way the mind can be tamed is having one's Master as Mind, one's Spirit ‘consciously’ present. Of course, the Master is always present, however, that will not do much good if one is not conscious of this Master - of oneself Spiritually. One will continue to think, superimposing their idea of life onto Life until conscious of another way - a better way. The only way for the master to be present in its own Consciousness is through our own Awareness aka Soul. The beginning of our Soul - as Soul is known on many levels multidimensionally is the subconscious which constitutes our experience of the Present Moment. Everyone's Subconscious collectively IS the vessel for the Present Moment, for all in truth is mind.

The only way to become conscious of being Awareness aka Soul is to be absent in one's own egoic thinking, waiting in mental stillness until the master appears or is revealed. Then and only then will Spirit master the mind as the mind masters the body. The truth of our Being is, I Spirit Am Soul expressed as the Present Moment that all creatures great and small live in and as. I am that.

When the mind is quiescently relaxed and still, as opposed to thinking, its consciousness is free to become Conscious of itself as Soul - as Awareness - as the Present Moment. Through the Soul - bearing in mind the subconscious is a part of the Soul (not apart from), the Conscious Mind, aka Thought, if present in it as Presence, receives its daily bread aka intuitive guidance from its true and eternal Consciousness as Spirit. One can ONLY receive intuitive guidance through and AS Present Moment Awareness. This is our Temple not made with hands. This intuitive guidance is received by the right mind, processed by the left and then transported to the subconscious which manifests this Divine Idea aka 'The Word' into the body of the world - the present moment. This is how the Zen or Christ Mind operates.

The egoic mind, on the other hand, rises in thought by itself, uninspired and ignorant of its Spiritual Dimension. Mind-Consciousness being unconscious of itself as Spirit-Consciousness is therefore an empty vessel, (Devoid of Intuition aka Holy Ghost) that creates false images aka thoughts from this empty, limited, dualistic state of mind or Consciousness. Due to being ignorant of itself Spiritually, it confuses its existence as being the mind and body, causing it to live in fear of death its whole life. So much so one does not truly live. Having no Mind-Consciousness of itself as Spiritual-Consciousness, the mind confused itself with Cause even though it is Effect. The ego either takes thought from its own personal memories and experiences or the memories and experiences of the collective Universal Mind. Of course, in doing this history continually repeats itself. The egoic mind was not created by Spirit to create life via taking thought, but to reveal life by being mentally still in and as Present Moment Awareness.

To reiterate and summarize, in order to create life, one must keep the mind still, meditative, and intuitively receptive in and as Present Moment Awareness. With the conscious mind no longer present in its own thoughts about the world, it is instead present in its own Soul - its own Temple as Present Moment Awareness. With egoic thoughts and feelings no longer present to distract and hold one's consciousness captive, the Conscious Mind, which creates thought becomes conscious of its own Incarnate Soul that holds its purpose for life as well as deeper dimensions of being that heretofore was never noticed due to our consciousness being absent in its own temple while present in its own false images (Thoughts). The subconscious, which is the beginning of our Awareness, (Soul) or the body of our true Consciousness is the door to the One true Soul Being Spirit. Bear in mind that the Incarnate Soul is the son or image of our true Self as Conscious Awareness. Awareness (Soul) is the activity or body of Consciousness (Spirit). Holding the mind in this quiescent, meditative manner, one's consciousness expands and expands over time within its own Soul - its own Awareness, realizing what was hidden there all along while we slept.

~ Tracy Pierce

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