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The door to receiving is opened by giving. This is because in truth, the giver and the receiver are One. You as Spirit is the Cause of all Effect aka mind/body.

"Ask and you shall receive" – Jesus

This is how you as:

You, as mind must develop an intrapersonal relationship with your Self as Spirit, intuitively and instinctively until there is no longer a sense of two but one. Then all that is thine is mine.

In preparation of this intrapersonal relationship, you as mind are quietened, balanced, and unified intellectually and emotionally so that you may be the perfect channel to receive The Holy Spirit aka Intuition. Intuition cannot be heard in an egoic and chaotic mind. Intuition cannot be made conscious in the physical is one's consciousness is lost to thought.

I say you as mind, are quietened rather than say you must quiet yourself as mind, for in truth - in reality, you as mind are not the doer. It appears that you are the doer to the mind that is unconscious of themselves Spiritually. However, in truth you are not. You do not put the beat in your heart nor the breath in your lungs. The decisions and physical outcomes you experience as the ego are illusion, borne of a mind disconnected to itself as Cause.

It may 'appeared physically' that a person died of cancer; however, cancer is a non-power - an untruth - a lie. Added to this, life cannot die. It simply changes form, and your true Self is not form. It is the formlessness within form.

The reality is all that can be created has been created. You already have the perfect life - you already are the true Self.

Unfortunately, the mind is not conscious of this true Self as Spirit/Cause, which embodies the perfect life, therefore cannot bring it forth into the physical. Instead, the mind that is cut off from Spirit like a branch from the vine, is clogging the channel as a filter made of thoughts, so that what is appearing in the physical is a reflection of ego rather than the truth or true Self. Do you see? The physical world is the dream of Spirit; however, Spirit must first fashion the mind into a being state before Spirit can flow out into the world. While the mind is in an egoic state, it will only manifest a reflection of itself minus Spirit. It can only manifest duality and limitation.

If everyone's mind all of a sudden stopped thinking and started being, everything on earth would be healed and revert back to its original perfect state. The original perfect mind renders original and perfect physical appearances.

The thinking mind superimposes itself on the light flowing through the mind and out into the physical like glass-stained windows, that distort, diminish and destroy the perfect reflection of Spirit appearing in the world.

You as mind are the witness - the revealer. The effect. Spirit is Cause and this is your true Self. This is what you as mind must abide in so that you demonstrate and manifest the fruits of Spirit. If you abide in the mind looking out at object you will recreate history via a negative feedback loop.

This intuition born of Spirit will endow you with an inner knowing or faith that will direct any given moment, without one having to take thought for it (thinking). The mind must surrender to and trust this guidance.

Neither intuition nor instinct can be heard if your mind is distracted by thought and emotion. The mind must be one pointed in its attentive awareness.

In this manner you are holding your conscious mind (thought) in the heart of the subconscious that is emotionally resting in the peace of the present moment awareness that merges with the Awareness of Soul being Spirit aka true Self. This is being in alignment multidimensionally which allows one to live under Grace. Again, all that is thine is mine . This is how you receive. You open your mind and heart like a flood gate to Spirit by surrendering the thinking mind for the being mind.

You allow the moment to be what it is. You surrender and accept every moment as it is, instinctively and intuitively doing your best in every passing moment. You receive this moment with either fortitude and/or gratitude.

Notice the Synchronicity as you go with the flow without rushing. If you have accepted the moment with a grateful and courageous heart that is true, then you will have no expectations of it. You give the moment inwardly and outwardly all your heart and all your soul and all your mind for no other reason but love.

In this manner the whole world is your oyster. A world with no doors due to an absence of walls.

~ Tracy Pierce

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