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God Aka Absolute is the Alpha (Unmanifest) and the Omega (Manifest). You could if you like look at the Alpha as the Mind and the Omega as the body. It is not quite an apt simile, but it will do for the purpose of explaining reincarnation.

So, we have the Alpha which is Nonconceptual Consciousness (I) being Undifferentiated Awareness (Am) Aka true Self. Even though it is basically attribute-less we do attribute the 3 Omni's to it (As all gurus and metaphysicians do) - it is omnipotent, (All powerful) omnipresent (There is no place it is not) and omniscient (It is all-knowing). Therefore, it is eternal and infinite in its unmanifest state, which is another way of expressing the 3 Omni's lol. It was not created; therefore, it will never die - hence it is the Alpha - the Cause of all creation. It is Self-Aware - it is the true Self - the Unmanifest Self that never changes and is always permanent. When all else is stripped away - this is the core of your Being and Non-Being.

Then we have the Omega - which is the body or expression of the Alpha. Like its creator it was not born, and it cannot die (Matter cannot be created nor destroyed). However, unlike its maker, it is always changing - always morphing into one shape to another. It is if you like - a giant shapeshifter - eternally fulfilling the Alphas infinite omniscience. It is continually (To use a rudimentary example) morphing from steam, to water, to ice and back again. Now because the Alpha is infinitely omniscient - every shape assumed within and as the Omega, is original - always in all ways - eternally. If we want to be fanciful, we can say Atlantis came and went, along with other mythical civilizations that science would scoff at but cannot dispute absolutely. Life is forever reinventing itself - infinitely - eternally. The Omega is form - therefore, subject to time and space - therefore, subject to cycles and processes of 'nature' or the nature of form (See Hermetic Laws). These laws are based on the nature of the Alpha - which is how we can attribute certain attributes to that which is attribute-less - as contrary as that sounds. We know the unmanifest through the purity of the manifest as Ego. We know the true Self through - well 'BEING" and KNOWING, we are the Alpha. Through realization of the Self.

We are collectively, the Alpha and the Omega, and this is realized at some point between the rise and the fall of the Alpha projecting itself as the Holy Spirit within the Omega. The Alpha upon first falling into and as the Omega (Look at it as the Alpha creating a mirror to see itself) is blind due to the limitations of the Omega which is subject to time and space that the Alpha is not. Over time however the natural laws of the Alpha mold the Omega into a shape that reflects its likeness - which in turn frees the Alpha from the misidentification it suffered upon falling from Grace (Out of alignment). As it rises in Grace - in alignment with itself as the Alpha, realization is had. Once the Omega is shaped into the perfect image of the Alpha, we are free and One again - as the Alpha and the Omega.

This shapeshifting phenomenon within and as the Omega is referred to as reincarnation. To the Omega unconscious of itself as the Alpha - time and space seem real - but really everything is NOW. When the Alpha first falls into the Omega, it must fine tune this instrument of Peace is has created in and as the Omega and this can take thousands of lifetimes - though to the Alpha - it has already happened and is finished and complete but the Omega must go through the process of it.

Understand reincarnation has really nothing to do with the nature of the Alpha for the Alpha is always in all ways perfect and free. It is only when it falls into the Omega (Falls asleep and dreams) that it is subject to reincarnation, until it remembers itself and even then, understand that this fall is not truly a fall – the Omega is a projection of the Alpha in the same way your reflection in the mirror is a reflection of you. If I threw a rock at the mirror and it shattered, it would not affect you, would it? Similarly, it is the same with the Alpha and its image as the Omega.

~ Love Tracy

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