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Nickola Tesla said the mind is a receptor and I agree with him. The brain is a receptor. That which reveals the truth. Not that which creates reality or Truth.

All the Mind does is create blueprints (Images or thoughts) for the Subconscious to emote into the physical, much like computers can. Computers spit out what is programmed into them, and we are no different. Like the computer we cannot comprehend the Programmer either. Thinking is an impressive process its true, but it is still just a process. It is mechanical - it is an instrument. It can only be creative when inspired from and as Spirit. When it is hooked up through WI-FI. It is not creative in and of itself. Like a pre-programmed computer it can only recreate - not create. Karmic experience preprogrammes it and when it is complete, Spirit through Soul, creates through and as it. I am that I am.

Do not limit yourself to the mental and physical realms by identifying with the I am Consciousness of Mind (Effect), while ignorant of Thy Self as the 'I am' of Spirit (Cause). The I am Consciousness of mind is only a manifested and temporary Consciousness - a Temple for the I am of the true Self that is Unmanifest. If you limit yourself to being only Effect, you will inadvertently go against the will of Thy Self as Cause, in the same way a cancer cell does in relation to the body. When Cause and Effect are no longer on the same page they work against each other. If the cancer cell forgets is part of the whole due to forgetting its origin (DNA/RNA), it will develop a will and life of its own separate to its the life and will of its true Self as a whole.

The mind receives information intuitively via the metaphysical mind otherwise known as the inner 'I' (Conscious mind) that sits within its own Soul aka Awareness of being Now (Am). It then translates and analyses this intuitive knowing (Faith) by creating mental imagers that serve as a blueprint for the Subconscious to emote into the physical. The mind in its totality is a bridge between the physical and the spiritual. This bridge is meant to behold - facilitate and process thought, not create it. Thought should never originate from and as Mind. Thought must always be given - never taken.

We refer to the mental and physical realms as separate, however they are not. Effect aka matter is ALL mind operating at different frequencies. The subconscious of everyone is the Present Moment. The Present Moment is a reflection of the One Soul (Am) being Spirit (I). The physical body of one's self and the world is an expression of both the individual and universal minds working together as One mind, even if separation is part of the delusion of illusion. The body is the mind expressed. The mental realm is just a higher vibration of the physical. ALL is mind.

Do not make the mistake of thinking though that the mental realm is representative of or a true reflection of Spirit as it is for it is not. It should be but it’s not. At the moment the world reflects the Egoic mind, not the true Mind. The mental realm - your mind cannot manifest or demonstrate that which it is not conscious of and on the whole it is not conscious of itself beyond the mind and body - beyond the mental and physical realms. Therefore, history will keep recreating itself until it does. The mental and physical realms cannot create anything new. It can only recreate like a pre-programmed computer. Fortunately, we do have an awareness of the Spiritual realm which is just as well for life would not be at all, if we did not. Awareness IS life. We just are not conscious of this Awareness...yet.

Our manifestations in and as Life are such a shock or surprise to us, (either a dream or nightmare to varying degrees) as we, being the Conscious mind (thought) are for the most part, unconscious. Ironic I know lol. We are ignorant in and as effect, (and this is quite literal), unconsciously creating life. We have no spiritual vision so are limited to the mental realm of creation. This means is all we have access to when making an informed decision is our personal memories and the memories of the world. As a conscious mind (thought) we are only conscious of 5% of our entire being (which is ourselves) and only on the level of effect - namely the mental and physical realms of being. This means we are out of alignment with our Soul being a part of the One Soul being Spirit. In other words, we are out of alignment with life as life, with ourselves (being Effect) as Cause. We are all rebels without a Cause - a true Cause. So not having a Cause, we search for it in the physical - never finding if of course because it is not there. It is within us. The mind must look inwards by maintaining an inner stillness.

Our true self is Cause/Spiritual - timeless, space-less, formless. The Unmanifest. Consciousness is nonconceptual and Awareness in truth is undifferentiated. The differentiates it - separates it into this and that. Awareness is the activity of Consciousness, just like the Am of your Subconscious is the total activity of the I of your Conscious Mind. I Spirit Am Soul (Cause) that I Conscious Mind Am Subconscious Mind (Effect). Life is Cause and Effect working together as One. Life lives itself when the mind is not misdirecting it through ignorance.

So far as we know ontologically, Spirit is Consciousness, our presence of being - our sense of existence or our I am-ness. Awareness is our Soul, the expression or activity of that Consciousness. Just as the mind and body are one, so is the Spirit and Soul or put another way, Consciousness and Awareness. The Ego is only conscious of itself as Effect. The Christ or Zen Mind is conscious of being both Cause and Effect.

The mind cannot know the Spiritual world through the caravan of thinking, for to take thought is to rise out of one's Temple as Present Moment Awareness. However it can through holding the mind aka thought single (meditative). Thinking takes from the mental realm. Meditative thought sits in the Spiritual realm whereby thought is given. This what this biblical verse is referring too...

"But we are confident, and have a good will to be absent rather from the body, and to be present with the Lord" – 2 Corinthians 5:8

The verse is saying that our will now aligns with the will of Cause/ Spirit and that our I (our sense of existence) originates from it. That we are present in it means we are present in the Moment for the Moment IS Soul - one's true body.

We cannot have the tail wagging the dog. The Spiritual realm is not subordinate to the mental realm. To have thinking above the act of being, would be the same as expecting the mind to obey the body. The body informs the mind, but it does not obey it. If we are to embody the Spiritual realm, then we cannot use the thinking mind. We cannot direct nor control it in any way as Mind. The Mind surrenders its identity to the no-thing of undifferentiation in and of Present Moment-ness (Soul which is led by our true Intelligence as Spirit). We must learn to use our minds differently. We must transform the minds predominant activity from thinking to Being.

In thinking the personal always controls the narrative. In being, life does. Life being impersonal lives itself through the personal. It has the vision of the whole at heart so works for the good of all. The Ego has no experiential knowledge of itself as the Whole, only theory - because it is a thinker. Therefore, it is not clairvoyant or claircognizant. It does not have the vision of the whole. If you find yourself judging, - comparing and contrasting, then know you are in the egoic mindset that takes thought no matter how much you try to convince yourself otherwise.

Consider now the mental realm aka mind of which we are only again minutely conscious. We are aware of ourselves as thought (I-thought). We have very little consciousness of ourselves Subconsciously (Am-thought). There is much in the Subconscious that is unconscious to us. These unconscious aspects (Vasana's) are what causes the mind to rise in thought - taking from itself - the mental realm. It seeks peace - all in the wrong places of course as peace is given, never taken. Until the Subconscious is at peace with itself the Conscious Mind cannot rest in peace within it.

We do not know what our superconscious is due to our lack of consciousness in Awareness (Awareness being the Soul differentiated as Subconscious, Incarnate Soul and Present Moment). It is only through the Soul aka Awareness that intuition and instinct are cognized. We cannot hear what Spirit is saying until we surrender to it by being Present in and as the Moment. Until we are in our Temple as Present Moment Awareness. Until our minds stop talking/thinking.

I often hear people saying that if God was real, we would not see the horrors we have in this world and quite rightly so. If Spirit were on the scene, if the mind was in the right condition to allow for the full flow of Spirit into our lives, we most certainly would not see these abominations. However, the mind is not in the right condition to allow for Spirit to flow unimpeded and unfiltered through the mind and into the world. The mind or world is instead, in it satanic or egoic state. Satan or Pan is a mind that is untamed, unruly and ignorant. It is Effect not Conscious of itself as Cause, therefore, has no master to tame it. It does not allow for the flow of Spirit into the world the due to its ignorance. It muddies the mind with thought which filters the purity of light - disfiguring and distorting creation. It has no idea of being Spirit behind and as this light, so creates the world itself and the result is what you see today.

Be mentally still, receive and reveal the truth. Do not think about it least you manifest your idea of the truth rather than the Truth itself. Let the truth flow through your mind as Spirit. Allow Life - your true Self - to live itself unimpeded and unfiltered.

~ Tracy Pierce

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