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"The mind is only a bundle of thoughts. The thoughts have their root in the I-thought. Whoever investigates the True “I” enjoys the stillness of bliss". - Ramana Maharshi

I am that I am translates to I am Spirit that I am mind.

The 'I am' of mind was born in the Image of the I am of Spirit, to be its instrument of peace out in the world.

The 'I am mind' is the world. You want this I am that is the world (For all is Mind) to be informed and guided by the I m of Spirit, so that only truth is created.

Unfortunately, the 'I am' mind consciousness - , instead of being still and allowing the I am of Spirit to inform its own I am with the Divine Word (Faith and clair-cognizance), it has risen in thought itself and become active in thinking. IN doing so it cut itself off from its true Self - it true I am, relying instead on the outer senses such as sight, hearing, smell touch to inform its thinking process. The senses were made for our enjoyment, not to inform us about the world, for then we can only recreate, not create anew like we would do if it was the Spiritual 'I am' informing us rather than the Mental I am that uses the outer senses.

When the I am of Mind is informed and aligned with the I am of Spirit, then we call this Mind the Christ or Buddha Mind that serves its true Self. Together than are One - I am that I am.

When the I am of Mind, has risen it its own thoughts, using the outer senses to inform its mind, it cuts itself off from the I AM of Spirit like a branch from a vine. Instead of relying on the Divine Word of God that flows into its I am-ness of mind, it relies on the outer senses of the world to inform it. We call this state the Egoic state, in which the I am of Mind mistakes itself and its creation for the true Self and reality.

“Sense-perceptions can only be indirect knowledge, and not direct knowledge. Only one's own awareness is direct knowledge.” – Sri Ramana Maharshi

In order for the I am of Mind to align with the I am of Spirit; it must maintain a pure stillness which can only be accomplished once the Subconscious (AM) Aka Human Soul has been purified and tempered from the egoic disruption that did defile it. Only then can the Conscious Mind (The I that we use to think with) can RIP within it, spelling the end of the Ego. Once the I am of mind has been cleansed and tempered, the I am of Spirit lifts it up into itself whereby the two become one.

"Jesus told the Pharisees, “What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder” (Matthew 19:6). Marriage is of God. He joined (Greek sunezeuksen, “yoked”) male and female together. It was brazen for anyone to pull them apart".

The Conscious Mind (I) which we use to think with is considered male, while the Subconscious (Am) which we use to feel with is considered female in the bible. The two minds must rest as one before the I am of Spirit (Our true Self) is realized and uses it as its vessel Aka Instrument of Peace.

So, we see here in the first scenario, direct knowledge whereby the I am of mind (In its stillness) is informed by the I am of Spirit.

And then we have indirect knowledge: whereby the I am of Mind is informed by the senses forever recreating egoic images that are superimposed upon the reality of the true Self animating all.

In order for the I am of Mind to align with the I am of Spirit; it must surrender all its ideas of a Self apart from Spirit, it must surrender all its ideologies of life and itself by becoming very still and receptive so that the truth can form within it. Once the Mind has been informed by Spirit, it can then manifest the fruits of Spirit within the physical.

I am (First of my Name) that I am (Second of my name).

Once the first of my Name aligns with the Second of my Name, Christ or Buddha walks the earth again as the whole human race living and working as One.

~ Love Tracy

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