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The purified mind is the mind that can maintain its presence in the moment, working harmoniously with the subconscious which is the entrance to the heart. The subconscious is the entrance because it is through the subconscious that the fullness of Soul is known and in turn Spirit.

Until the conscious (Son) mind has merged with its true Consciousness (Father) which only happens in Self-Realization it is aka known as the inverted Christ or Satan or the apple if you like. Until consciousness (Conscious mind) and awareness (subconscious mind) of the mind have come together as one and are resting in the fullness of Soul aka (Full Awareness or Mother) present moment which intuits our true Consciousness (Full Consciousness or Father) and we are living by Faith (knowing what to do say, think and be in each and every moment through being guided intuitively) under Grace (Pure alignment of all aspects of being multidimensionally). This is grace - Spirit>Soul>Subconscious<Conscious<subconscious>Now(Soul)>Spirit) <.....They are all ONE.

Do not look at them as being aspects of something or parts of your own Soul because you don't have your own Soul. You have your own Spirit, being the SON of God, not the daughter. Eve is the daughter if you like. She serves the son seeing as how the son is conscious of Eve. (Eve meaning the only part of the Soul he as the Son is conscious of). The mother does not serve the son because she answers only to the father who is fully consciousness. He is not yet conscious of the mother who is the fullness of Eve, like the father is the Fullness of the Son. Each lifetime sees the son become more conscious of being awareness. In other words, the son becomes more conscious of his mother. The subconscious IS the mother also but because the son is not conscious of it all but the subconscious, the subconscious is called Eve. Each lifetime sees the son have more dominion over the Soul taking eve from being a daughter to being a mother. This is why childbirth serves her. She gives birth to the Christ who is born in her depths. It is through Eve and Adam joining as one that become consciously aware of themselves as the True Soul being Spirit. It is the father calling the son home through the mother.

This is why I tell you that the only way to purify the mind is through meditation. What contaminates the mind is taking thought - creating life as opposed to serving it - revealing it. As soon as we take thought as a mind (Adam) cut off from our Father, we corrupt Eve because she thinks she is serving the Christ within the Father, not the Inverted Son (Satan). Your conscious mind must marry the subconscious which leads us into the Spiritual Lands of the Mother and the Father who raises us up. We then live by Faith alone which is instruction from our true intelligence through the medium of Love (Soul or Mother or Awareness).

Can you see now why you cannot purify your mind by taking thought? Your mind which is still in its Satan state and is telling you 'This is what you must do' to purify your mind and you as Satan playing the part of God, are saying, "you are right, what shall we think and do then so that we can really do Gods work" lol. It is just one thought mind fucking another lol. There is no God behind these egoic thoughts, just egoic thoughts of a God. (It is the son rising in his own consciousness which is Maya or Illusion). It is a maze - a never ending story full of 'Woe is me'

One firstly must kill the imposter before embodying your true Self. This means stopping thought altogether until you experientially (<Important distinction there) experience yourself as the Father. If you have to ask what does that feel like then you haven't experienced it. You know without a shadow of a doubt if you have touched the hem of the Christs gown or if you have come into your true mind. To me it DOES feel like a current running through the centre of you and the heart of everything. Other times it just feels otherworldly yet more real than reality. You will recall what reality feels like and this recollection will in time kill the illusion. For some it maybe instant - not for me. It appears to be happening a wee bit at a time.

When the illusion of a separate self has been dispelled, you won't have to think about how to be a good human and serve the world because life takes care of itself, and you are Life. You are the FLOW of life. Knowing is greater than thinking. Knowing is of the Soul and the Mother (AM) serves only the Father (I). The Father and mother that is (not 'are' because they are singular) omniscient, omniscient, and omnipresent - the Alpha and the Omega - which means Now. Meaning all that can be created has been created and it is good.

~ Tracy Pierce

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