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Can you see what Maharshi is saying? The mind should be resting in the Awareness of Soul/subconscious which IS THE PRESENT MOMENT!

This is opposed to resting in itself - in its own thoughts, which you only know how to do at this present time.

Take your spiritual practice to the next level and realize you are Cause (Unmanifest) as well as Effect (Manifest) by resting in the moment AS the moment. Become so deeply present in the moment, that you lose yourself in it by becoming it.

Do a little experiment. Be deeply present in the moment - be conscious of all that is happening inside and outside you without taking thought for it - without judging it in ANY way. Notice how you feel, how the world feels - the inside and the outside world. Feel it. Note you are not 'thinking'. Note you 'felt' this experience of being in the moment which is always outside of thinking. Now do the opposite and start thinking - of anything at all - note you are no longer present. Can you see the difference?

Be here Now.

"Being must be felt, it cannot be thought" - Eckhart Tolle

(Being is another word for meditation).

Notice the difference between being in your thoughts and being in the present moment.

~ Tracy Pierce

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