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“I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.” - John 10:9

One's sense of "I am-ness" - is the door. By meditating upon this "I am-ness" - by keeping the mind focused on this "I am-ness" of your being - you will be led to the experience of your true I Am - the true self beyond the mind/body consciousness. This is what John means when he said "I AM" the door. "I am" is the door that Mind Consciousness needs to focus on and as to become Conscious of being Spirit.

This is also what Maharshi asks us to do with Self-inquiry. We must trace every thought back to the primary I thought and hold this primary I am-ness thought (Mind) steady and one pointed until it merges with the true,I AM Spirit, allowing for realization of the Self as Spirit.

It makes sense doesn't it. I am that I am is said to be Gods (true Self's) name. Everyone refers to themselves as 'I am' all over the world irrespective of language.

I AM the Alpha (Spirit) that I am the Omega (Mind)

If the I am of Mind is going to realize the I AM of Spirit, then clearly, we must go through the I am-ness (Door) of our own Being.

Your very Being is the door!!! This is what is meant by going inwards.

I am is the door. Meditating upon this door reveals the true Self as Spirit.

~ Love Tracy

"I am"... I said

To no one there

And no one heard at all

Not even the chair

"I am"... I cried

"I am"... said I

And I am lost and I can't

Even say why

~ Neil Diamond

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