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The correct use of mind is apperception, which means being absent in thought while consciously present in and of Awareness (Soul), that is always Now - the Present Moment. The Present Moment is stressed so much in my writings as it is completely outside the process of thinking. Without an accumulation of thought which invades the Subconscious, causing an egoic identification, a personal sense of self cannot survive.

Having no identification within the Subconscious Aka Human Soul, as form, allows the Conscious Mind (What we use to think with) to rest within it. This is the highest form of meditation and is often referred to as 'being' the Zen or Christ state of mind. When the Conscious and Subconscious minds unite as one, they become a pure conduit for the true Self to flow through.

If the Mind Consciousness rises in the creation of thought it conjured itself, it immediately becomes absent in its temple of Awareness (Soul/Present Moment) from which all intuition flows from one's true Consciousness as Spirit. This is how we fall from Grace Aka misaligned with Spirit like a branch cut off from the vine. Mind and Spiritual Consciousness cannot meet and merge if Mind Consciousness is not in it Temple of Awareness Aka Soul. This means one cannot receive their daily bread - their intuitive guidance.

Until Mind Consciousness has connected with Spiritual Consciousness, it is like a branch cut off from the vine. Spirit/Consciousness must work through the Soul/Awareness which is the unmanifest activity behind the manifested form of the Subconscious, if it is to reach Mind Consciousness and merge with it, imbuing the unified mind with wisdom from on high. Only then can the Father and Son become one. I is the Father and Am is the mother. Likewise with Mind Consciousness that was born in its image - I is the Conscious Mind and Am is the Subconscious Mind, I am that I am is thy full name. In the Egoic Mind, the two I am's are misaligned due to the Conscious Mind rising out of the Subconscious in the process of thinking. In the true Mind (Buddha or Christ Mind), the Conscious Mind (I) sits within the Subconscious (Am) as the witness.

Information from one's true and eternal Consciousness as Spirit (I) passes through and as the Soul (Am) and into the Subconscious Aka Human Soul (Both Souls constituting the Present Moment) which then flows into the inner I or Conscious mind resting within the Subconscious to be made conscious - to be given the breath of life in the physical. In other words, we become AWARE CONSCIOUSLY of intuition which is then formulated into mental images to be fed back to the Subconscious that in turn responds with emotion - eMotion that inspires the body to move and create in the physical.

In-Formation - IN-tuition or images received from within are called true images as they come from the tree of Life (Spiritual Consciousness) which is All-knowing or omniscient. Furthermore, these true images, bring forth true physical manifestations, representing the true Self having been created from Spirit, rather than false images created by the egoic inner I unconscious of itself Spiritually. This is the true process of creation and is seen simply as this...

Spirit (I)->Soul (AM)->Subconscious ->Conscious mind ->Subconscious ->Physical body->Body of the world.

Spiritual Consciousness cannot merge with and as Mind Consciousness until it's travelled through the pure love of the Soul (Awareness) and the purified emotional state of the Subconscious, which is why shadow work and/or Present Moment Awareness is so necessary. The Consciousness that is mind can only realize the true Self Spiritually when it is a state of peace intellectually and emotionally whereby the Conscious and Subconscious minds work as One. The Conscious mind (I) must be at peace within the Subconscious which sits in and as the present moment aka the true Soul which is the body of Spirit if it is to receive intuition given from one's true Intelligence. The father cannot know its son except through the mother. This is also true for us. The baby knows the mother (Being in her womb) before it knows the Father.

~ Love Tracy

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