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The death of the ego means learning to use the mind correctly so that it does not rise in egoic thought which in turn creates a false sense of self that is apart from the One rather than a part of it. This false sense of self is a delusion of mind that in turn creates a false reality in the physical.

The right use of mind is keeping the inner "I" (the conscious mind) single which is a state of Awareness that is the essence of meditation. This is so that it can be acted upon by Spirit intuitively. Without this inner guidance we are more or less navigating this world blind. Through taking and creating thought while our Inner I or Third I as some call it, is blind, we crash & sometimes burn. Note the Inner I only opens in present moment awareness.

This intuition comes as a sense of knowing that is referred to by many as Faith. This faith comes to mind as a knowing just what to do, be, think and say in any and all given moments. It is in truth claircognizance that can be experienced in a multitude of ways depending on the recipient.

This knowing comes all at once. It is not like one scene at a time from a movie that comes to you as it plays out, thought by thought, but rather the whole movie is downloaded in that one single thought leaving one with a complete sense of knowing. It is an unusual experience so very difficult to put into print. Some experiences are beyond words; however, I do swear by it. I write by it.

Bear in mind this is a description of my experience. Other people will have the same experience but interpreted and relayed differently. They are all true and can be seen as such by their fruits.

Once the false (ego) falls away, the true Self, is revealed, having always been there all along. Once thinking ends, being happens by default for it is our natural state.

Out of the ashes of the ego, like a phoenix, you will rise into the truth of your Being, blessing the world with your presence.

~Tracy Pierce

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