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"Oh, mind is it best for you to not come out (In the form of thinking), it is best to go within. Hide yourself deep in the heart"

- Sri Ramana Maharishi

The heart Sri Ramana is referring to here is the subconscious/present moment. The subconscious is referred to as the heart as it contains our emotional body.

He is telling us, rather than letting the conscious mind, which is thought itself, rise upon itself, again and again into a stream of thought, to rest the conscious mind instead, within the heart aka the subconscious. The subconscious apart from containing our emotional body and the accumulation of our thoughts and present lives, is pure awareness.

This awareness we are is Present Moment Awareness. In fact, it is fair to say the subconscious is part of the present moment. It is never apart from it. When our attention (conscious mind) is given to our awareness (subconscious) rather than thought, we are said to be present in our Temple. Our Temple is the conscious and subconscious minds working together harmoniously. This is the meditative mind. When we are present in our temple and absent in thought, we are present to receive the added things of Spirit such as intuition and spiritual vision.

"We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body (consciousness) and to be present with the Lord." 2 CORINTHIANS 5:8

This means we are happy have our attention in awareness (which is the door to the Lord or Spirit) and be absent from thoughts.

Once we begin our journey back home to ourselves by bringing our attention to our awareness within the subconscious/present moment, we will be confronted with our pain body that we hide within the subconscious. Our pain body is an accumulation of undealt emotions from years of living and being subjected to an egoic mind. Our pain body is a collection of core beliefs, emotional habits and responses that we have collected from as early a time as three and four years of age.

This part of our journey is important to take this into consideration. The relaxation and the emptying out of the pain body within the subconscious mind is as important as the conscious mind keeping itself openly still and receptive. It is also a very difficult time for the spiritual aspirant; however, it is necessary. Until the emotional body is a peace, the mind itself cannot rest in peace. Unless the mind is at peace it cannot merge with the peace of the Soul.

It behoves us then to bring attention to what our subconscious, heart or pain body holds onto. To bring whatever this is out into the open, in order to process and let go of these emotional patterns that no longer serve us but inhibit us from moving on and being a peace.

As I have already pointed out the conscious and subconscious minds must work together harmoniously. One's mind must be at peace with one's heart or put another way, one's thoughts must not be conflicted with one's feelings. Thinking or feeling a certain way and not knowing why is a sure sign your mind and heart are disconnected. Thinking you should be doing something while feeling you shouldn't or vice versa is not a mind at rest or at peace with itself. They are at war. This war will be reflected in your outer world. If this is not evident to you then perhaps look again. Look around you and see if the state of your relationships with others is at peace. The interpersonal relationships (relationship with others) will always mirror our intrapersonal one. (Relationship with Self).

Often (not always) emotion is the body's response and expression of thought. When the conscious mind rises in thought while disconnected from its source, it causes one emotion after another to rise in response. If we have two thoughts at war with each other such as I want to help but I do not want to help, we will draw conflicting emotions to rise in response. This puts the body under an enormous amount of wear and tear. It would be akin to having your foot down on the exhilarator while out of gear. One is spinning their wheels but going nowhere. It is no wonder the body creates disease from being not being at ease. However, when we learn to keep a meditative mind, which is ONE thought held single, then the only emotion to respond to this peace is Love.

In summary the conscious mind must marry the subconscious making the mind whole again. In this manner one's attention of Presence is in one's Present Moment Awareness Temple awaiting the Holy Ghost aka Intuition to descend and fill our temple with our true Inner light, which in turn guides us to our true purpose and expression in this lifetime.

~ Tracy Pierce

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