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Within the Subconscious are unconscious tendencies (Vasana's) that are distortions of mind created by the Ego. These distortions, carried from lifetime to lifetime, created by duality (Egoism) have Karma attached to them, meaning they are unbalanced and must balance before peace is restored. What goes up must come down is the Law of Soul and it is in the womb of Soul that Mind resides. Only when equilibrium is restored is peace experienced physically. These unconscious tendencies will manifest in our physical lives until they have been made conscious and sanity restored. In other words, where there was no presence there is now presence. Where once I was blind, now I see.

When one's peace is restored within the Subconscious Mind aka Temple, the Conscious Mind aka thought (which you identify as your existence) stops rising out of it and rests in peace. This brings the I and the Am of mind/body together to live in and as Present Moment Awareness. The I (Spirit) is the Presence and the Am (Soul) is the Awareness of the Moment. When your full and focused attention resides in the Present Moment, over time a personal sense of Self is lost, and an impersonal understanding of Life is experienced. Rather than having a life, you know thy Self as Life living through a life. That is a huge shift in Consciousness which brings with it the added things – the fruitage of Spirit: Peace, abundance, love and kindness.

Present Moment Awareness is the door. It is the Christ Mind, the Zen Mind, the Buddha Mind that allows the pure light of Life to flow through it - unimpeded, unfiltered, unfettered, and free.

~ Tracy Pierce

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