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Silent knowing otherwise known as Faith is often the language Spirit uses to communicate with you. One receives this silent faith, as a 'knowing' without the need for any prior reasoning or judgment, though it can rest on both.

Due to the door of Spirit being in the subconscious, you will also feel the presence of the 'One' as your being. It will feel like peace and surety. You will know just what to do, be, think and say in any given moment. This is because you as Spirit are omniscient, therefor your mind will interpret this omniscience as simply ' knowing'.

One experiences this silent knowing as intuition which can manifest itself all over your body, for your mind does not just reside within your brain. Your mind is your whole body. Or to be more apt, your body is the whole universe, which resides within the womb of the true Self otherwise known as Undifferentiated Awareness which lives within Non-conceptual Consciousness, much like Russian Dolls.

Therefore, listen to your whole body intuitively. You could liken this listening to when you wake up in the middle of the night sensing an intruder. You stand in the dark listening with your whole body, don't you? Not just with your ears or eyes. No, you are 'feeling' for presence as the Presence. Listen this way to your intuition. Faith could manifest visibly or audibly within, or it could come purely as I first stated, as a sense of knowing called claircognizance which is how I receive it. You just know.

As a side note, prudently observe the serendipitous signs the universe is giving you for this too is a way in which Spirit makes itself heard for your true Self IS, as I stated earlier: the whole of life. Everyone's subconscious collectively is the vessel for the One Soul. All of us make up the present moment. All is mind. You are the presence of the present even though you may not know yourself this way yet.

If you have read your intuition clearly, the universe will synchronize with you, backing all your ways always. Be patient & steadfast in your faith on this. If you have mistaken your intuition for thought manifested by the egoic mind, the universe will work against you. You will appear to have the worst luck. Use this as a yard stick perhaps.

Start practicing listening to your intuition with little things so when the big things come, you are ready to let Spirit light your way while standing in your truth.

~ Tracy Pierce

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