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Closing your eyes in order to see with your Inner I means to stop using your five senses for your understanding of reality. This reality will one day pass away when you do, so clearly it behooves one to know reality beyond the five senses if one is to not live in fear of either your own death or the death of others.

Firstly, let us stop reacting to the outside world, as it will only causes our inner I to rise in thought which in turn causes us to leave our Temple (Subconscious) where our true intelligence reaches us via intuition. If we rise in our own thoughts as Mind Consciousness, we will be led by the Ego rather than the true Self as Spirit. The minute your Inner I rises in thought, it rises out of its Temple, where it aligns with its true Intelligence as Spiritual Consciousness. One cannot serve two masters. One is either consciously giving life to egoic thoughts or life to Spiritual inspiration by virtue of how the Inner I is held. Thinking gives rise to the Ego. Being gives rise to the true Self as Spirit that lives by Faith alone. Faith is a far superior type of thinking that is both different in quality and quantity.

Therefore, learn to be conscious OF the Mind, rather than conscious AS the mind. Let your Subconscious take over the day-to-day tasks while your Conscious Mind rests in it awaiting Spiritual instruction via intuition. In other words, focus all that I am on all that I am. This practice is going to feel completely alien to begin with as you are not focusing on an object but an activity of Awareness. Imagine there is a cavity in your heart - in the centre of your being, and it is an open door. What is beyond the door you do not know, however what comes through it is your daily bread - your guidance for the moment you are in. What will come through it is an awareness of life you did not have before. This practice must be heartfelt. I cannot stress that enough. You must FEEL this practice. To give you an idea of what I means I will use an analogy that I have used many times before, that might help you. Imagine you are fast asleep, and a noise wakes you in at night. You stand there in the dark, trying to feel where the noise is coming from right? You are listening with your whole body - not just your ears or eyes. This is how you should feel the moment while awaiting Spiritual instruction.

"Being can only be felt, it cannot be thought" - Eckhart Tolle.

Be conscious of yourself witnessing life unfold Subconsciously, while being intuitively and serendipitously guided by your higher being through being still mentally within your Temple (Subconscious). You will know, without having to take thought exactly how to act, be, think and say in each and every moment as you are in your Temple to receive intuition, rather than being in your own conjured up egoic thoughts. This is living by Faith that is experienced as a 'knowing'. Knowing is a different experience entirely to feeling and thinking.

To experience Faith, means always holding an inwardly receptive state of being that is deeply present in the moment. Unbeknown to you and many other Souls, consciously at this point, our true Consciousness as Spirit (Beyond Mind Consciousness) is guiding every Soul to help manifest its true purpose for being here if one would only let it. One interferes with the true creation of life by trying to create life as Mind Conscious while unconscious of itself as Spiritual Consciousness. This only impedes the full expression of your true being. The purity of light cannot come through a mind and bless the world if the mind is full of itself.

“Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

~ Love Tracy

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