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Mind Consciousness while in an Egoic state, creates thought without the guidance and inspiration of Spiritual Consciousness that works through the true Soul and Human Soul Aka Subconscious. The Soul being the Unmanifest activity of the Subconscious Mind. If the Conscious Mind rises in thought that in turn defiles the Subconscious, it resists, destroys, delays, and distorts the pure activity of the true Soul guiding the Subconscious (Aka Human Soul), through instinct, intuition, synchronicity, and serendipity.

If the Conscious Mind is unconscious and disconnected to the Subconscious Aka Human Soul, which lives in and AS the present moment, then the Conscious Mind is separated from not only its own Soul but it's true Self. Therefore, the egoic mind gives birth to false images that manifest as false appearances, such as cancer, poverty, war etc.

The egoic state happens due to the Mind Consciousness believing it is Spiritual Consciousness itself without a true Connection to the Soul being established first. This is because Mind Consciousness being a reflection of Spiritual Consciousness, is, like its maker innately creative. Whatever Mind Consciousness beholds within itself, it will give life too. If one's Mind-Consciousness is in itself as thoughts, it will give life to those thoughts. If alternatively, one's Mind Consciousness in the Soul Aka Present Moment, then, we give life to our Soul directed by Spiritual Consciousness. In order for the mind to give life to the true Self it must sit in the moment outside its own self-generated thoughts. In other words, the conscious mind must rest within subconscious mind, allowing the flow of true images given by the true Self to guide us intuitively thought Faith Aka Claircognizance or 'Knowing' which is far superior to taking or creating thought as Mind-Consciousness alone.

The mind was not created to create life or the truth but to receive or reveal life and truth. When we identify as our true Self as Spiritual Consciousness we will use our mind rightfully - accordingly. We create as Spirit not as mind. We have free will as Spirit, not as mind. We must therefore know Thy Self beyond mind. The mind cannot create or give life to that which it is not conscious of.

The only way to recover our Divine sight is to stop thinking and start being. To start mediating or praying without ceasing with our Inner I - our I am-ness, our presence, rather than relying on our eyes of flesh that report back to the Ego. Our presence must stay in the awareness of the moment which is one with all other aspects of our being multi dimensionally.

Our existence is formless therefore beyond the mind to conceive of in the egoic state of mind. However, the true Self can and is known by the still and BEING Inner I. Do you see? One does not find the true Self through looking – through being active. The true Self dawns on one in our complete and utter mental stillness of being in and as the moment. It comes to us. We do not go to it. The mind does not move. It does nothing to bring about the realization of the true Self. Literally. In this still and peaceful state – the truth dawns like the rising of the Sun.

~ Love Tracy

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