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What Alan means by 'interfere' is 'taking or creating thought' or 'thinking'. We are as mind unconscious of ourselves as Spirit, therefore anything the mind creates is going to be a false image - a sin. Syn is an old Anglo-Saxon word which means to fall short of the mark. To live from the inferior level of mind as opposed to the omniscient Spirit is to syn (Sin) and fall short of the mark. Unfortunately, the consequence of identifying our existence with the Mind/body, is believing the false notion, it is solely up to us as a mind/body ignorant of itself Spiritually, to create a life via thinking along with doing the right corresponding actions etc.

We as Mind, do not realize that Spirit Aka our true Self, has already created life and is waiting for this Life unfold through and as us within the Omega - mental and physical realms. All Spirit needs is a consciousness that freely allows for the flow of itself through its mind/body and out into the world as a blessing to one and all. Spirit needs a Consciousness of Mind, that is not full of itself and its small beliefs, wants and desires that do nothing but form a filter, destroying, distorting, and delaying the purity of Spiritual light from unfolding as your true-life purpose.

One stops resisting Life by discipling oneself to stay Present in the moment outside of the thinking mind that tries to manipulate hustle and control life to suit its own ends. One must give up their personal will for the will of the Self which works as One with Life, knowing that life will do a much better job of living itself than you as a mind lost in ignorance. Stay as Conscious of Being Awareness and life will unfold - healing, redeeming, and comforting everything in its wake.

The I am of Mind must cease thinking and be still to know the I am of Spirit.

"Be still and know that I am". Psalms 46:10

~ Love Tracy

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