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You are not a mind/body that suddenly realizes it is also Awareness/Soul. Firstly, because you are not the mind and secondly because the mind cannot realize anything - it is not sentient. This is proven every time the Spirit leaves the mind/body at the point of death. The mind cannot realize anything of itself, any more than a guitar could create music on its own or a piece of art paint itself. It is as Awareness that you realize yourself as Awareness THROUGH the mind. Whereas before, the mind did not lend you as Awareness the opportunity to know Thy Self beyond the limitations of mind itself due to its unevolved and chaotic state of being aka thinking. The mind was and is like muddy and unclear lake that cannot and could not reflect the sky (True Self). However, over time and karmic experience the mind clears, and Thy Self is revealed. So,, you see - as Awareness you mistook your Self for mind and have done for many lifetimes, due to the obscurity of Mind.

To reiterate, many lifetimes shape the Incarnate Mind through karmic experience to clear the I of Mind so that the I of Spirit can be revealed through and as the mind. When the mind is tempered and purified enough, it is able to reflect and then see Thy Self. In becoming conscious as the I of Mind of the I of Thy Self - The I of mind demonstrates and manifests the true I of Spirit.

~ Tracy Pierce

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