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When you pray for someone be sure you pray without a plank in your eye (I) for if you do, you will only see a splinter in theirs. You will not be able to help heal them until you remove the plank from your own 'I' for what you hold in mind, you will one day hold in your body or the body of the world and all that inhabit it.

You must first realize your own true Consciousness so that the light from Spirit flows through Mind healing all in its wake. Then when you look out upon the world toward your brothers and sisters, you will be able to see their Light - which is One with yours. Holding nothing but light and love within Mind, when you hold a brother or sister within mind they are healed, just as you are.

This is how Faith healing works and why it can work even if the person is halfway across the world.

So, if you want to help those afflicted by addiction or indeed any other disease, firstly realize 'experientially' the Christ or Buddha Consciousness of Mind that is the pure reflection of the true Self. Then hold your brother or sister in mind, seeing ONLY their true Self that is One with you.

When I pray for you, I pray for me for we are One.

Kia kaha - stay strong

~ Love Tracy

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