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"Do you live your life only to get to the end of it? Most people answer this question with a ‘no’, but not everyone lives like they mean it. In the manic society that most of us experience, people exhibit a frantic, neurotic behavior I call ‘Destination Addiction’. This addiction is a major block to success. People who suffer from Destination Addiction believe that success is a destination. They are addicted to the idea that the future is where success is, happiness is, and heaven is. Each passing moment is merely a ticket to get to the future. They live in the ‘not now’, they are psychologically absent, and they disregard everything they have. Destination Addiction is a preoccupation with the idea that happiness is somewhere else. We suffer, literally, from the pursuit of happiness. We are always on the run, on the move, and on the go. Our goal is not to enjoy the day, it is to get through the day. We have always to get to somewhere else first before we can relax and before we can savor the moment. But we never get there. There is no point of arrival. We are permanently dissatisfied. The feeling of success is continually deferred. We live in hot pursuit of some extraordinary bliss we have no idea how to find".

~Robert Holden

(From the book: Success Intelligence)

Mindful or meditation is holding the mind as one thought. It is staying out of the act of thinking. This discipline of 'Being Now' will lead you back home to your true Self. Never make the mistake of thinking the mind will be black when the caravan of thought ceases - on the contrary - you will never be more alive. You have to lose your mind to find your Soul. The mind is your instrument - not your true Self. The mind is a thinker - the Soul is a knower - Love Tracy

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