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“Do not underestimate someone who has lost everything and is still here to tell the story. Do not underestimate someone who has fought dearly for sobriety. Peace. Forgiveness. Self-love. Freedom. Authenticity. Truth. Do not underestimate the lonely. They have braved wars that only those who understand the absence of human connection, can do. Even now. They are holding it all together while coming so wildly undone. And sometimes we may see them unravel ever so softly. Or loudly. Or however their soul unties its cage the best.

Do not underestimate the ones who have suffered the kind of grief that does not seem to end. Who have been broken in places you did not even know existed. The ones who fell into silence because their lungs had no words left to speak. We will not always be strong. No. But we are enduring.”

— Ullie Kaye

[ Artist • Natalie Shau ]

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