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Let your Conscious Mind, which is what you use to think with (I) rest in meditation within your Subconscious Temple (Am) as.....

Present Moment Awareness (I AM) without taking thought for your life. Without filling your Temple with thought-filters that dilute the Light flowing through your Temple from your true Self that sustains and guides your life when you do not resist it with your Egoic thoughts - false images.

God Aka our true Self, will bring people and events into our lives and whatever we may think about them, they are designed for the evolution of our Divine Life.

God Aka your true Self will bring to Light that which needs healing within the Subconscious Temple, so that you need suffer no more as you allow the fullness of Thy true Self's Light to shine through your healed and purified Temple to bless not only your life but any life, your life touches.

Trust - have Faith in yourself - in your true Self and let come what comes, let go what goes and let stay what stays. Surrender to your true Self that lives in the Silence of the Moment. Let it move you.

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